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Appointments + Information:
Monday - Friday: 0900-1800
Saturday: 0900-1300

Clinic Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 0800-2000
Friday: 0800-1900
Saturday: 0900-1400

Tel: 020 7244 4200
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Ask The Chambers

The Medical Chamber Kensington's philosophy is to be useful to you. So here you can ask a health-related question and we will answer using a short custom made video. Please let us have as much detail as you think necessary to enable our Clinician to give you as useful an answer as possible.

We will of course treat the information you give us as being confidential and will not publish any data which could identify you. Please remember to give us your email address if you would like us to tell you when the answer to your question will be available to view. Thank you.

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