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Quality is the result of every aspect of your experience - not just the excellence of your treatment. From your first contact to your last appointment.

Quality is the result of every aspect of your experience - not just the excellence of your treatment. From your first contact to your last appointment.

Of course, we want your experience here to be a positive one. So we always ask you to review and rate your Clinician and The Medical Chambers Kensington/La Clinique Française so that we can learn and continue to improve. You can see our review and rate survey here.


We publish the results, positive and negative, alongside each clinician’s profile on this website and results for the Clinic here. Most patients wish to remain anonymous and so we do not identify them.


I love this place  February 2018

Very nice experience. I managed to make an appointment on short notice and the Medical Chambers Kensington team member I dealt with was very courteous. January 2018

The Reception staff were very helpful and kept us informed at all times. January 2018

The facilities were modern and clean, the front of house staff attended to me quickly and efficiently. Dr Nevi was kind and comforting as I was a first time patient. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the service provided. January 2018

Just a bit annoying that I missed my appointment with Dr Benard last Friday because I didn't receive any confirmation after my emergency request by phone (on Friday). Apparently she was ok to see me on Friday evening but no one got back to me to tell me so. Fortunately Dr Benard was kind enough to rearrange another appointment the day after. But other than that, super front of house team and brilliant and careful specialists. January 2018

It would be very convenient to press 1 to speak in English or to to speak in French when telephoning TMCK, but this is not really a major problem so don't worry. December 2017

Excellent services. I would highly recommend The Medical Chambers Kensington. The doctor's diagnoses has always been fair and accurate. December 2017

Reduce consultation fees! The consultants with the highest fees are not always the best. December 2017

It was impressive. Completely diferent personal treatment from the front desk to the doctor compared with other places in London. Congratulations. Everybody should follow you as example!!! December 2017

The clinic isn’t easy to find, even on the front door. November 2017

Ivor French, Director, replies "We agree with you that although the clinic occupies a very prominent building it can sometimes be easy to miss. So we plan to prominently sign the building provided we can get planning permission".

The welcome coupled with the offer of a coffee, tea or drink is much appreciated, although I have never taken it up ... I should!  Thank you.  October 2017

I would like the receptionist to be more friendly and welcoming  October 2017

Ivor French, Director, replies "Many apologies. One of our team must have been having a very rare off day because 95% plus of all the comments we get are positive. We always aim for 100% but I'm not sure that we can get there. Apologies once again."

Not appropriate to ask for credit card details. October 2017

Ivor French, Director, replies "I'm sorry to hear that you don't like this system. We now find that most patients ask us to keep their credit card information on file as long as it is encrypted. Which it is. Patients find it very convenient to ask us to charge their card and of course it reduces admin for everyone."

Service is excellent [Dr Isabelle Benard] but price is extremely high. I had to do a very quick medical check up which lasted 10 minutes to do and I had to pay £120 for those 10 minutes. I would recommend The Medical Chambers for serious health issues but I am not sure the price is justified for simple check ups October 2017

Ivor French, Director, replies "I'm sorry that you didn't find us good value on this occasion. Our fees are always competitive and good value for such highly skilled clinicians. We publish all fees very prominently on our website so that you always know what to expect before your appointment. Dr Bénard only offers 30 minute consultations so there is always enough time to deliver comprehensive medical care. As you required a basic medical check and were not unwell Doctor Bénard did not need all 30 minutes to examine you, but you will understand that she still had to reserve an entire appointment for you."

The doctor and the team are always extremely welcoming and easy to talk to. A lovely atmosphere and a great doctor. September 2017

I have attended The Medical Chambers for 4 years and have always been completely satisfied. September 2017

I had a lovely experience during my visit. The doctor was very patient and helpful and the staff were very friendly. September 2017

This makes my day! I'm delighted that she [Carley, Assistant Clinic Manager] shared our verbal feedback with the full team. It's all true and we really have appreciated the level of service and personal attention that each person we encounter in the clinic provides.  The training and their hard work is paying off and I'm glad that the feedback helps to reinforce that! August 2017

Fabulous service. August 2017

This was the first time we have visited you. Having a pharmacy on site would be a real plus. August 2017

Ivor French, Director, says...We have regularly looked at how we could do this but we just haven't got the available space. So we have arranged that our local pharmacy, only 3 minutes walk, will stock all the UK and international medicines our patients request. Your doctor will electronically send your prescription to the pharmacy so that your medicine will be ready for collection by the time you arrive.

To provide a water fountain. August 2017

Ivor French, Director, replies...We thought about this when we designed the clinic and decided to provide Hildon still and sparkling water at our reception/entrance and in all of the consulting rooms. So hopefully you won't get too thirsty.

Allow buggies in consulting rooms. July 2017

Ivor French, Director, says...We won't do this because we do everything we can to ensure maximum hygiene. It would clearly not be good practice.

I couldn't get the tap in the toilet on the second floor to work! Other than that everything was excellent. July 2017

Ivor French, Director, says...Sorry about this. Our taps are automatic to ensure maximum hygiene and sometimes they are too automatic. We have notices about this next to the taps but clearly they need to be more prominent. We will fix this. Thank you.

Excellent services, I would highly recommend The Medical Chambers. The doctors diagnostic has always been fair and accurate. July 2017

Maybe opening a Medical Chamber in east London? July 2017

My experience with The Medical Chambers practice is most definitely positive on all accounts. July 2017

We are very happy with The Medical Chambers! June 2017

Steps at the front door are really not convenient with the pram June 2017  

Ivor French, Director, says…We completely agree with you and it is something that we have tried to improve over several years. Our building is located in a conservation area so we can’t make major changes to the external appearance and a ramp would be too steep to be safe. Please tell our admin team when you are coming and we will do our best to help whenever we can. 

First, let me say that your Team is to be congratulated...the service is outstanding. October 2016

We wanted to announce the birth of our son. He weighed 3.7kg and was 53.7cm!!! Mummy and Daddy are well and enjoying being parents. Thank you for being there for us since 5 weeks of pregnancy - we could not have been happier with the service we received from you. August 2016

Thank you so much for getting back to me so promptly. I was so impressed with your clinic it was a calm oasis during a difficult time. March 2016

Only thanks to you we knew about his heart condition and were able to put everything in place just in case. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for detecting this. Yes, you were the one delivering the bad news, but you were also the one that saved him from much worse. November 2015

Thank you once again for such a quick response. You were recommended by a friend and I have been very impressed with the service on each interaction. Your professionalism, empathy and personalisation eases the process immeasurably. July 2015

Professional, well maintained, serious. February 2015

Very professional. December 2014

I was most impressed by the friendliness and care offered and the amazing performance of my Clinician. November 2014

Thank you so much for your help. I spoke to the lovely Doctor who was oh so very helpful as you all are at The Medical Chambers so thank you. October 2014

I would like to pass on my sincere thanks for your excellent customer service. I have been so impressed with my correspondence with you all over the past few weeks. As a new customer to the Medical Chambers I must tell you that your professionalism is flawless and responsive. Keep up the great work. October 2014 

Since the first time I met your team and clinic last year, even in those sad circumstances, I have always felt really supported. Please forward my gratitude to everybody. Thank you and your team for the way you do your job putting your heart and all your effort into us, humanely. With all my kind regards.September 2014