Adult teeth straightening - five useful facts

Have you been thinking of having your teeth straightened? But does the idea of adult braces put you off? You may have a job involving clients, or you might sometimes want to go out without wearing your braces – to a party, or on a date. Here, we take a look at five essential things you should know about having orthodontic treatment as an adult.


1. Metal ‘train track’ braces are not the only option

Adult orthodontic treatment has come a long way since our childhood days, and there are innovative, almost-invisible options that are much more discreet.  

Invisalign aligners:  these are clear, custom-made aligners that are almost invisible when they’re in place. They are changed every few weeks, as they gently straighten your teeth. And the best thing is, you can eat whatever you want to, and take them out whenever you need to - for that important meeting or social occasion. 

Lingual Braces: these are metal braces, but they’re fitted on the inside of your teeth, so they’re completely invisible when you smile. As they are fixed, they are working all the time and offer precision when moving your teeth.


2. You can see what your perfect smile will look like before you start treatment 

Using a digital scanner and 3D simulation, your orthodontist can show you your finished smile - to help you decide whether or not you want to go ahead with treatment. Before beginning any work they will also carry out careful preparations - including X-rays, impressions, and a 3D scan of your mouth, so that they can create a personalised plan that’s right for your orthodontic needs and your lifestyle.


3. Having a smile that you are happy with can help boost your self-esteem

Your appearance is not the only factor when it comes to confidence, but if you’ve always been self-conscious about your smile, having orthodontic treatment can have a significant impact on how you feel. A Harris Poll survey found that over 90% of people who have had their teeth straightened reported feeling ‘much more confident’. This, in turn, can have a positive impact on other areas of your life - including your work, relationships and social life.


4. Misaligned teeth can be difficult to brush, causing cavities and gum disease

Having straighter, aligned teeth means they are easier to floss and brush. Research shows a link between tooth decay, gum disease and conditions such diabetes and heart disease, so it’s always better to have teeth that are straight, and easier to look after.


5. Modern technology now means fewer clinic appointments

Orthodontist Dr Marie Heintz at The Dental Chambers says, ‘the pandemic means that many of us want to keep clinic visits to a minimum – so it’s reassuring to know that we combine a small number of in-person appointments with video consultations and specialist apps to carefully monitor your progress during treatment.’


Visiting our London clinic for orthodontic treatment

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