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Introduction to MaterniT Genome

I'm delighted to announce the introduction of the Maternit GENOME™ non-invasive prenatal test from Sequenom Laboratories of San Diego California to the UK. This new test will give pregnant mothers more information about their baby's chromosomes than any other test currently available worldwide. And it's exclusively available in the UK at The Medical Chambers Kensington.

It was developed by Sequenom, one of the leaders in the field and always at the forefront of research and development in non-invasive prenatal tests.

After introducing the MaterniT21® PLUS™ laboratory-developed test in 2011, Sequenom has now launched Maternit GENOME™, the only NIPT to date which provides genome-wide analysis of all chromosomes.

MaterniT GENOME™ is unique as it analyses every chromosome of your baby to identify extra or missing parts of chromosomes, or other whole chromosome changes. MaterniT GENOME™ is the only genome-wide NIPT which noninvasively provides karyotype-level insight.

Other non-invasive prenatal tests, such as Harmony, look only at a limited number of chromosomes. Sequenom's MaterniT21 PLUS™ test looked at microdeletions and other abnormalities in chromosomes which could only previously be detected by invasive procedures such as CVS or amniocentesis.

Now the launch of MaterniT GENOME™ means yet another leap forward in non-invasive prenatal testing and is great news for all pregnant women.