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Private Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans in the News

Do you know that anyone can set up an ultrasound “studio” offering pregnancy scans as they aren’t currently regulated? And as a recent BBC investigation demonstrated some of them are just bad. As always, you get what you pay for. 

This BBC story illustrates just how poor the quality can be, often at clinics offering baby scans mainly for parental “entertainment” and not medical indications.


The Medical Chambers Kensington Ultrasound Clinic is extremely proud that Ciara McKenna is our sonographer and Dr David Nyberg our supervising doctor. Between them they ensure the highest quality obstetric scans available - not just in London or the UK but anywhere. You can see what other patients have to say by viewing the patient reviews on Ciara's profile.


What should you look for in a private baby scan? Always check that…


  • Your clinic uses the latest equipment and technology and includes 3D/4D scans which can be helpful in evaluating foetal anatomy including your baby's face and extremities.
  • Your scan is carried out by a qualified physician or sonographer who is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and keeps up-to-date with the latest developments and techniques by attending post graduate meetings and self-study.
  • Your clinic is supervised by a doctor who has special training and/or expertise in obstetric ultrasound. This doctor should help answer patient questions and assist your sonographer with issues or questions.
  • Your scans should follow recognised guidelines.  When evaluating the foetus, your sonographer should scan “head to toe” to ensure normal growth and development. While not every abnormality can be detected by prenatal scans, they are the single best screening test to ensure normal development when carried out by a competent sonographer at an appropriate gestational age.
  • You should be told if there is a potential issue, either at the time of the scan or not long after. You should always be encouraged to ask questions and get them answered.
  • You should receive a written report after your scan.