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World-Famous Obstetric and Gynaecological Team from Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital host open afternoon at TMCK

I'm really pleased. I've just arranged for some of the world-famous obstetric and gynaecological Team from Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital to host an open afternoon at The Medical Chambers Kensington on Saturday 28th of June, plus the opportunity to meet Dr David Nyberg, the internationally renowned fetal medicine expert, and Ciara McKenna, an advanced ultrasound sonographer. Dr Dharmintra Pasupathy and Dr Kumar Kunde will be available for informal consultations, to answer questions, and so on.

I'm expecting lots of potential parents, newly pregnant mothers and GPs to meet the team. We are inviting all of those interested to join us (remember the date...afternoon of Saturday 28th June) so if you would like to visit please telephone 020 7244 4200 to tell us that you would like to come. You are welcome to bring your partner.

Guy's and St Thomas's Hospital have recently set up a satellite clinic at The Medical Chambers Kensington so that West London patients can consult their obstetrician and gynaecologist locally and mothers can deliver their baby at the internationally renowned St Thomas's Hospital on the River Thames opposite the Houses of Parliament.

David and Ciara lead The Medical Chambers Kensington ultrasound clinic. Ultrasound during pregnancy is the gold standard for monitoring  fetal and maternal health. And for most expectant parents, the results reveal that everything is normal. Occasionally a scan detects signs of deviation from the norm and this enables parents and their medical team to take account of special circumstances when planning healthcare and lifestyle for the rest of pregnancy, birth and beyond.

For most parents the 12 week nuchal scan is the 1st opportunity to see their baby and a chance to confirm dates. Fetal  anatomy can be closely inspected to ensure normal growth and check for signs of Down syndrome and other congenital conditions. This can also reveal a baby's  gender but of course this is entirely up to the parents and David and Ciara do not tell unless they're asked.

The 15 to 22 week scan is used to confirm a healthy pregnancy and normal development and is a chance to see the distinctive facial features, which are particularly clear with 4D scanning. The Clinic of course offers all the other scans which you might need.

Our fetal medicine ultrasound scanning specialists also offered genetic counselling and non-invasive prenatal blood tests that are only available in a handful of clinics in the UK. These include Harmony and the new Maternit 21PLUS test, the most comprehensive currently available in the UK

Ultrasound is also an important tool in fertility investigation and many women come to the Clinic for this reason. Information from the scan may assist in timing love-making to maximise the chance of conception or it may be used to help with further decisions about assisted fertility treatment.

So I hope to see many of you on the afternoon of 28th June.