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How paediatricians help identify and treat childhood allergies

04 Dec 2019

Dr Sophie Flammarion works as part of the paediatric team at our clinic. Here she discusses check-ups, immunisations and one of her specialisms, managing and treating childhood allergies. 


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How a paediatrician can help your child

02 Dec 2019

“We work as a team at the clinic. If I’m not available to see one of my patients, parents are able to make an appointment with a paediatrician who has a similar way of working to me and has full access to their child’s medical notes.” 

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Does too much sun exposure cause melanoma?

05 Nov 2019

Summer might be over, but when it comes to melanoma – a type of skin cancer where moles are the most obvious sign – recent studies have shown that exposure to sunlight is not the greatest risk factor.

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Debunking menopause myths

18 Oct 2019

The more we talk about menopause as a society, the more we can aim to support women through this major milestone. Knowing the facts is useful, but with so many conflicting stories in the news around treatments and lifestyle choices, it can be hard to know what to believe.

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The menopause, mood swings and me

17 Oct 2019

Menopause can trigger all sorts of emotional changes, from anxiety to low mood to depression. If you’ve noticed a difference in your mood, it is more than likely to do with a number of factors, including a change in hormones, and the effect of common menopausal symptoms on your lifestyle.

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What are the signs of perimenopause?

16 Oct 2019

Perimenopause loosely translates as ‘around menopause’, which is a vague yet apt description for this undefined period of time that marks the transition to menopause.

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Can diet help manage symptoms of the menopause?

15 Oct 2019

With so much information available around improving your diet with the ‘right’ foods during menopause, it can be hard to make choices that best suit you.

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Why am I dry down there?

14 Oct 2019

Women of all ages and life stages can feel dry down there, it’s a very common symptom during menopause – but it needn’t be something you simply have to put up with. Do you feel a sandpapery-sensation during sex, or discomfort when sitting down for too long?

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What is allergic rhinitis and can air pollution make childhood respiratory allergies worse?

07 Oct 2019

We talk with Ms Romana Kuchai, consultant ear, nose and throat specialist at our clinic, about allergic rhinitis in children, the effects of pollution on allergic rhinitis, and how she treats the condition. 

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Are you SAD?

06 Oct 2019

Most of us tend to feel energetic and cheerful in the summer and overall more tired in the winter, when we eat and sleep more. These changes are usually mild and generally acceptable.

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