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Respect: Air Force General says "Get Out"

27 Oct 2017

Respect is one of our core values and we treasure it.

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Kensington NeuroBlog 4 : Dementia. You are more likely to find a healthy brain in a healthy body

28 Mar 2017

All of us forget things from time to time. Indeed, forgetting is vital for creativity, and for good mental health. Whilst it is quite normal to get halfway through a sentence and forget…mmmmm...what one was saying, some people have much more significant problems with memory.

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Joe's violin. An instrument of change.

07 Mar 2017

Gillian Tett of The Financial Times recently wrote about "Joe's Violin", a 20 minute documentary, and I've just watched it. I found it immensely inspiring and moving particularly when such a large proportion of the US, UK and Europe currently demonstrates so much anger and hatred.

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Kensington NeuroBlog 3 : Contact sports concussion and dementia by Dr Mark Weatherall Consultant Neurologist

20 Feb 2017

A paper just published in the respected journal Acta Neuropathologica presents the results of post-mortem inspections of the brains of six former footballers, mostly professionals, part of cohort of 14 footb

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Kensington NeuroBlog 2 : Headaches by Dr Mark Weatherall Consultant Neurologist

01 Feb 2017

Head pains have always been with us. Zeus, the greatest of the Greek Gods, was beset by a tremendous headache after swallowing Metis, the goddess of wisdom, with whom he had conceived a child.

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Kensington NeuroBlog 1 : What is Neurology? Asks Dr Mark Weatherall Consultant Neurologist

13 Jan 2017

The word ‘neurology’ was invented by the 17th century physician Thomas Willis (1621-75). Willis needed a term to describe the anatomical study of the brain and the nervous system, something that he pioneered in the years during, and after the English Civil War.

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Varicose veins and me

05 Jan 2017

As a Director of The Medical Chambers Kensington I know several of the U.K.'s top Consultants who use the very latest medical techniques.

Fortunately for me, this includes Dr David West of the Veincentre.

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The Walking Man's Crumpet. Countryfile. Trekked More Than 3400 Miles. What Am I Talking about?

30 Jun 2016

Dr David West, Consultant Interventional Radiologist who treats varicose veins at The Medical Chambers Kensington, has been busy treating "the walking man's crumpet"

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From Milan to Monaco

29 Jun 2016

Dr David West, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, who treats varicose veins at The Medical Chambers Kensington, tells me that he is training hard.

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GPs and recognising skin lesions

22 Jun 2016

Dr Veronique Bataille, Consultant Dermatologist who practices at The Medical Chambers Kensington, told me recently that GPs unfortunately get very little training in dermatology and so can't be expected to be confident about d

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