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Blood and Laboratory Tests

We offer too many tests to list them all here, so please contact us if you don't see the test you need.

Your blood test may group tests with different turnaround times. So please remember that your results will only be available when we have received all of them.

Please also remember that we charge a fee for our nurse to take your blood. £40 if taken here at the clinic and £80 at a home visit. 

Blood and Laboratory Tests+

TestDescriptionResults Usually Available WithinPrice
17OH17-Hydroxyprogesterone5 days£90
1AAllergy (food/inhalant)2 days£470
2AAllergy (inhalants) 22 days£310
ACTXAdrenal Cortex Antibodies2 days£47
ALLEAllergy - single test2 days£30
AMENAmenorrhoea Profile4 hours£130
AMHAnti-Mullerian Hormone4 hours£125
ANABAntinuclear antibodies2 days£60
ANCAAnti Neutrophil Cytoplasmic AG2 days£120
ASLTAntistreptolysin (ASOT)2 days£50
B12Active B121 day£60
B12FVitamin B12 + Red Cell Folate2 days£102
C125C125 (Ovarian Cancer AG)4 hours£140
CACalcium4 hours£28
CALPCalprotectin (faecal)5 days£100
CEACarcino Embryonic Antigen4 hours£68
CHOCholesterol4 hours£29
CMVCytomegalovirus AB S1 day£90
CORTCortisol1 day£65
CRPC Reactive Protein1 day£56
D31 25 Dihydroxy Vitamin D5-8 days£150
DDITD-Dimer4 hours£65
DERMDermatophyte PCR Test72 hrs for PCR report£75
DHEAD.H.E.A. Sulphate4 hours£75
DL127 x STD infection by PCR2 days£260
DL2Biochemistry + Haematology includes full blood count, kidney function, sugar level, liver, function cholesterol, calcium1 day£85
DL2LBiochemistry + Haematology + HDL + LDL includes full blood count, kidney function, sugar level, liver, function, calcium, full cholesterol screen1 day£150
DL3Haematology screen full blood count including haemoglobin, white cell count, platelets and ESR1 day£50
DL6Screening profile 64 hours£220
DL6LScreening profile 6 + HDL4 hours£260
DL8Screening profile 84 hours£240
DL8LScreening profile 8 + HDL1 day£260
EBVAEpstein-Barr Virus AB S2 days£145
EORDEnteric Organism Rapid Detection2 days£190
ESRErythrocyte Sediment Rate1 day£32
FBCFull Blood Count4 hours£50
FERRFerritin4 hours£80
FIPFemale Hormone Profile4 hours£140
FOBFaecal Occult Blood (FIT)1 day£50
FSHFSH4 hours£55
GHBHBA1C - Glycosylated HB6 hours£58
GSAGluten Sensitivity Profile2 days£175
HBAGH. Pylori Antigen (Stool)3 days£95
HDUOHIV Duo (HIV1+2 and P24AG)4 hours£50
HEPCHepatitis C Antibodies4 hours£95
HERSHerpes DNA - PCR (swab)5 days£95
HP20HPV by PCR - 20 Subtypes2-3 days£115
HPVHHPV (First line) screen2-3 days£80
HPVRHPV RNA Test3 days£120
HPVTHPV - Thin prep3 days£135
HRTHRT Profile4 hours£105
HVSHigh vaginal swab2-4 days£80
IGETotal immunoglobulin E1 day£55
ISPIron Status Profile4 hours£95
LFTLiver function tests4 hours£53
LHLuteinising Hormone4 hours£65
LIPPLipid profile cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides4 hours£63
MCH5Medical Chambers Prof 54 hours£190
MCH6Medical Chambers Prof 64 hours£295
MCH9Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Comprehensive Profile4 hours£295
MENOMenopause Profile4 hours£135
MGMagnesium4 hours£42
MMRMumps-Measles-Rubella1 day£119
MUPCMycoplasma Genitalium/Ureaplasma by PCR2 days£105
NASSNasal SwabVaries considerably£75
NCOVCovid19 PCR24 hours£129
OESTOestradiol4 hours£60
PAPTPAP - thin prep (Cervical smear test)2-3 days£110
PCOSPolycystic Ovary Syndrome Check4 hours£195
PENTStool for OCP and Culture2-3 days£80
PR2Prostate Profile4 hours£95
PROGProgesterone4 hours£55
PROLProlactin4 hours£55
PRTEProtein Electrophoresis including Immunoglobin2-4 days£58
QHCGQuantitative HCG1 day£65
RBGRandom Blood Glucose1 day£38
RH4Rheumatology Profile 42 days£295
SCGChlamydia/Gonn PCR - swab2 days£90
SHGBSex Hormone Binding Globulin4 hours£63
SKISSkin swabVaries considerably£75
SOMASomatomedin-C (IGF-1)1 day£95
SPARStool OCP and culture test for infection and parasites2-3 days£80
SPCRChlamydia PCR - Swab2 days£83
TAATissue Transglutaminase2 days£68
TESTTestosterone4 hours£60
TFThyroid Profile 1 (Thyroid hormone levels)4 hours£80
TF2Thyroid Profile 22 days£170
TF3Thyroid Profile 34 hours£108
TFAMToxoplasma IGG + IGM4 hours£80
THABThyroid antibodies1 day£95
THRSThroat swabVaries considerably£60
TPEXThyroid peroxidase AB1 day£75
TRITriglycerides4 hours£25
TSHTSH Thyroid stimulating hormone4 hours£60
TSITSH Receptor Antibodies4 days£60
U/EUrea and electrolytes4 hours£58
UCEMUrine Chemistry1-2 days£79
VITDVitamin D4 hours£105
VULVVulva Swab for MCSVaries considerably£60
WOUSWound SwabVaries considerably£65