Dr Nagore Benito


specialty Adult Psychiatry

specialises in Depression + Anxiety Disorders including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder + Obsessive Compulsive Disorder + Social Phobia + Panic/Agoraphobia + Schizophrenia + Bipolar Disorder + Women's Mental Health including Eating Disorders + Alcohol + Substance Addicti


Dr Nagore Benito MD MSc practises a biological and cognitive-behavioural approach to Mental Health here at The Medical Chambers.  She believes in promoting a healthy style of living and using education as a way to help you understand and be better able to deal with any psychological, emotional or mental health problems.

She has extensive experience in prescribing and managing medication, but generally explores other possible treatment alternatives such as talking therapy (psychotherapy) before considering medication.



languages English + Spanish

nhs hospital

  • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

education + posts

  • PhD Institute of Psychiatry King's College London 
  • Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust 
  • Masters in Neuroimaging for Research University of Edinburgh, Scotland 
  • Masters in Affective Neuorscience University of Maastricht Netherlands 
  • Consultant Psychiatrist Parc Tauli Hospital Bracelona, Spain 
  • Fellowship ORYGEN Youth Centre Melbourne, Australia
  • MD Paris-Diderot University France
  • MD Universidad Miguel Hernandez Alicante, Spain 


  • Royal College of Psychiatrists
  • International Early Psychosis Association
  • RedSalud
  • International College of Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorders
  • Independent Doctors Federation


  • Initial Consultation 50 minutes £500
  • Longer Initial Consultations 120 minutes £700
  • Subsequent Consultation 50 mins £350
  • Cancellation Policy: full consultation fee will be payable unless cancelled a minimum of 48 hours prior to consultation.      

insurance company recognition



gender Female

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