Noticed that your teeth have been gradually darkening over the years? 

Our teeth naturally lose their brightness due to lots of factors, but mostly the food and drink we consume. Although most staining can be removed with regular hygiene visits, having a noticeably brighter smile usually requires tooth whitening.

We recommend Boutique home whitening – a convenient and effective treatment for a whiter and more youthful smile. Home whitening uses custom-made mouth trays which you fill with a whitening gel. You wear these trays at home, usually during the night, for about two weeks. It’s a completely safe treatment and Boutique is renowned for having very low sensitivity, making it many of our patients’ favourite treatment.

Why home whitening? 

An even and bright finish

Boutique enables us to brighten your smile to a much lighter shade than shop-bought whitening systems and your results will last much longer. Your mouth tray is tailor-made for you from impressions of your upper and lower teeth so the whitening agent is spread cleanly and evenly across all tooth surfaces. These trays fit very precisely and keep the gel where it should be to achieve the best possible results.

Low sensitivity

Home whitening causes less sensitivity issues than “in office” whitening. Even if you experience some sensitivity, home whitening allows you to stop when you want. We will give you a desensitising gel to use in the same tray and you can then continue your treatment by alternating between the whitening agent and the gel at your own pace.

What does the treatment involve?

Dr Friedmann is a registered Boutique cosmetic dentist. First, he will take impressions of your upper and lower jaws; these are sent to a laboratory which engineers your bespoke whitening trays.

Once we have received the trays, Dr Friedmann will make sure they fit perfectly and show you how to apply the whitening gel to get the best possible results.


Tooth whitening isn’t permanent. A regular visit to the hygienist for a scale and polish helps to keep your teeth brighter and free from stains. And the good news is that you can reuse your whitening trays and buy more gel when you need a top-up. You can learn more here

Our Patient Reviews

Follow up calls to make sure I was doing well

I am very grateful to Dr Friedmann. He did a very tricky wisdom tooth extraction, took the time to think about how to do it the best way and followed up with two phone calls afterwards to make sure that I was doing well.

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Incredibly professional

Excellent service and experience with Dr Heintz. I highly recommend her. By far, one of the best dentists I have had in London.

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A pleasure to go to the Dentist

A pleasure to go to the dentist when you have a dentist like Dr Friedmann.

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