In order to have a dental implant, you need to have a sufficient volume and density of bone. 3D scans are incomparable to help us visualise the quality and quantity of bone in the site of a proposed implant. However, it is not uncommon for the bone structure to be defective and this is where bone grafting can help.  

What causes bone to disappear?

If you have lived with a missing tooth or teeth for a while, your jaw bone naturally starts to disappear without the tooth to provide structure. In some cases of severe gum disease, the bone tissue can become under attack from a more aggressive immune system.

What does the treatment involve?

There are different ways in which we can help restore the jaw bone. We can take bone tissue from other areas of your body and add it to the site of the implant. This is the most effective method as your body is unlikely to reject it. Alternatively we can use a guided regeneration treatment that encourages your bone to naturally grow, however this takes far longer than a simple bone graft.

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Follow up calls to make sure I was doing well

I am very grateful to Dr Friedmann. He did a very tricky wisdom tooth extraction, took the time to think about how to do it the best way and followed up with two phone calls afterwards to make sure that I was doing well.

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Incredibly professional

Excellent service and experience with Dr Heintz. I highly recommend her. By far, one of the best dentists I have had in London.

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A pleasure to go to the Dentist

A pleasure to go to the dentist when you have a dentist like Dr Friedmann.

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