Our fixed braces are discreet with clear/white ceramic brackets. Get all the benefits from a precise and fast straightening system without the “train tracks” look!.

We offer clear braces as a reliable and effective solution for achieving a straight smile. Those braces have been specially designed to be as comfortable as possible, streamlined to fit flush against the teeth without using elastic bands to hold the wires in place, and do not become stained by food and drink.

Damon Braces

Damon Braces give you a healthier smile faster and more comfortably than conventional braces. And have been for over 7 million patients in the last 20 years

Damon uses clear ceramic brackets and not metal for a much more aesthetically pleasing treatment. They are fast because they are constantly working on straightening your teeth. They also offer much more precise movement than removable aligners, promising the straightest smile possible through orthodontics. They are

  • Nearly invisible very discreet when you smile
  • Give you precise results
  • No speech impediments
  • Easy to keep clean.


What does the treatment involve?


Before you start your orthodontic treatment, we check your general oral health. Having healthy teeth and gums is crucial for an effective treatment. We will take photos and x-rays to fully assess your teeth, gums and jaw to check if you are suitable for treatment.


We start by taking impressions of your teeth to have your jaw in cast model. These help show us how your teeth are currently aligned.

We invite you to attend to have these “bonded” to your teeth. We also take time to demonstrate how to clean your teeth and braces thoroughly. You will be given a kit with all the brushes that you will need to achieve an optimum result.

Always remember that an excellent level of hygiene is required throughout your orthodontic treatment, in order to minimise the risks of decays or demineralisation of the enamel, as well as to prevent gum inflammation (gingivitis).  

Once treatment has started, we aim to see you every 6 weeks.

The duration of your treatment  will depend on the complexity of your case. Generally, you’ll be wearing braces for around 12 to 18 months. 


After the active phase of your treatment, we need to maintain the results we have achieved. So once your braces are removed, we use a fixed retainer metal wire at the back of your front teeth and you’ll need to wear a custom-made retainer at night to prevent your teeth from moving back into their original position. 

This is absolutely essential in order to decrease the risk of relapse.

Our Patient Reviews

Kind polite attentive and very professional

Dr Lionel Friedmann and his Nurse were kind, polite, attentive and very professional all at the same time. I felt very safe and well-looked after. I had a wonderful appointment and feel so happy with my smile. I am delighted and so is my sister and friend who picked me up from the clinic. They have already asked me for the clinic’s contact details. Merci beaucoup dear Dr Friedmann!!

Marianela Di Luca
Always a great experience with Dr Heintz

Always a great experience with Dr Heintz. My daughter loves her and the results of her orthodontic treatment are reallly good.

Dr Cumiskey is the best dentist ever

I am very happy with the service provided by Dr Cumiskey and the entire team.

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How We Can Help You