Lingual braces fit on the inside of your teeth - they offer all the benefits of fixed metal braces but are completely invisible when you smile.

Adult treatment with Incognito braces : 6 months to close the gap
Adult treatment with Incognito braces : before treatment

Adult before and after 10 months treatment with lingual braces

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are the perfect option if you would like the precision and certainty of fixed braces, but want to avoid the highly visible ‘train tracks’ look. They are custom-made using the latest in computer software, which ensures the brackets and wires are individually shaped to your teeth, and are both comfortable and discreet. 

What are the benefits of lingual braces? 

For those of you with a public-facing job or a busy social life, lingual braces are an ideal way to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted - no-one will know you are wearing braces unless you tell them. 

Lingual braces are a popular choice among many of our patients. The fact that they are fixed means that they are always working, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning them, or remembering to put them in. They offer an excellent degree of control and accuracy during your treatment, and you can see the results in just a few weeks, as your teeth are not hidden by brackets. 

What to expect when you have treatment at The Dental Chambers Kensington?

We have a specialist dental team who are dedicated to providing long lasting solutions to the problem of misaligned teeth. Dr Marie Heintz is a highly skilled orthodontist and before beginning any work she will carefully check your oral health and take impressions and scans of your teeth. 

Using specialist 3D technology you will be shown how your teeth will move and also how they will look after treatment. Dr Heintz will discuss your priorities and vision, to create a personalised treatment plan that’s right for your lifestyle.  

We will then provide you with precision engineered braces that fit perfectly against your teeth and gently move them into the desired position.  


After 12 months
Before treatment

Adult before and after 12 months treatment with lingual braces

Monitoring Your Progress

We carefully monitor your progress every step of the way, and our aim is to help you achieve the perfect smile. Dr Heintz is highly experienced treating both minor and complex cases of misalignment using lingual braces and will carefully adjust your braces every few weeks. 

We know that the results you will see are dependent on the expertise of your orthodontist, and you will start to see improvements within a few weeks as your teeth remain visible throughout treatment. Treatment times vary according to each individual - it could take as little as 6 months, or for more complex cases, the process usually takes between 12-18 months. 

Visiting our clinic

If you would like to find out more or make an appointment, please call us on 020 7244 4200.

After 10 months
Before treatment

Teenager before and after treatment with Incognito braces

Our Patient Reviews

Our son left feeling confident

Dr Heintz listened carefully to all of our concerns and explained everything. We left really reeassured about the treatment and are so happy that a friend recommended Dr Heintz to us. She went out of her way to help our 8 year old son, was patient and explained things so that he could understand the plan. Our son left feeling confident and it was an excellent experience for him. Thank you Dr Heintz for going the extra mile to help us. 

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Kind polite attentive and very professional

Dr Lionel Friedmann and his Nurse were kind, polite, attentive and very professional all at the same time. I felt very safe and well-looked after.

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Would recommend to all friends and family

Dr Nora Cumiskey was very friendly and professional.

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