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Laboratory Tests

We are not currently accepting cash payments to minimise contact. We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express.

There are too many tests for us to be able to list them all here. Please remember that test prices vary considerably and that there are some which cost many hundreds of pounds. So please ask the Admin Team if the information you want does not appear here. 

Please also remember that The Medical Chambers Kensington charges a fee for its Nurse to take your blood. The charge is £36 if taken here at The Medical Chambers Kensington and £115 if taken at a home visit.

Laboratory Tests+

DL2TDL biochem + haem screenInc full blood count, kidney function, sugar level, liver function, cholesterol, calcium£65
TSHTSHThyroid stimulating hormone£55
CRPC reative protein £53
VITDVitamin DVitmin D level£95
DL2LBio + heam + HDL + LDLInc fulll blood count, kidney function, sugar level, liver function, calcium, full cholesterol screen£140
PAPTPAP - thin prepCervical smear test£85
SPARStool OCP and culture Stool test for infection and parasites£80
MGMagnesium £36
THRSThroat swab £60
LFTLiver function     testLiver enzyme levels£50
TFThyroid profile 1Thyroid hormone levels£73
UCEMUrine chemistry £75
HDUOHIV Duo (HIV1+2 & P24 AG)HIV screening£50
LIPPLipid profileCholesterol, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides£60
DL3Haematology screenFull blood count including haemoglobin, white cells, platelets and ESR£46


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