Ultrasound Scans + Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests

Ultrasound Pregnancy Scans+

These scans are carried out by one of our senior sonographers. If you wish, you can choose to have your scan carried out by Dr David Nyberg for an additional fee of £100.

5-11 week early pregnancy scan£150
12 weeks nuchal translucency pregnancy scan £220
12 week nuchal translucency pregnancy scan + blood test (Combined Test)£310
20 week anatomy and anomaly pregnancy scan£250
26-40 week pregnancy welfare scan£200

Pelvic Abdominal and Other Scans +

Pelvic (transvaginal/transabdominal)£250
Pelvic (Male)£250
General abdominal£270
Abdominal + pelvic£370
Breast + bilateral£245
Vascular lower limb including Doppler£245
Male Genitalia£240
Renal/Renal Tract£245


Please note that for the above scans, we require a referral letter or a request form from your medical practitioner. 


MaterniT21 Test + 12 week nuchal translucency pregnancy scan£565
MaterniT21 Test + viability scan£445
MaterniT21 Test no scan£420

MaterniT21 PLUS+

MaterniT21 PLUS Test + 12 week nuchal translucency pregnancy scan£685
MaterniT21 PLUS Test + viability scan£565
MaterniT21 PLUS Test no scan£540

MaterniT GENOME+

MaterniT GENOME Test + 12 week nuchal translucency pregnancy scan£1100
MaterniT GENOME Test + viability scan£980
MaterniT GENOME Test no scan£955


Harmony Test + 12 week nuchal translucency pregnancy scan£585
Harmony Test + viability scan£465
Harmony Test no scan£440

Harmony Extended+

Harmony Extended Test + 12 week nuchal transluceny pregnancy scan£685
Harmony Extended Test + viability scan£565
Harmony Extended Test no scan£540
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