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Mr Clement Orczyk

Mr Clement Orczyk


specialty Urology

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Mr Clément Orczyk is an Associate Professor of Urology at University College London and a Consultant Urological Surgeon at UCL Hospitals in London.

He has extensive experience in treating all urological problems including enlargement of the prostate, erectile dysfunction and other general urology disorders.

He has special expertise in prostate cancer and routinely performs both High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) and Focal Cryotherapy. He currently leads the programme for cryotherapy at UCLH.

Clément completed his training as a Urological Surgeon in France, where he also spent his early Consultant career before moving to London.

As well as experience in general urology, he developed considerable expertise in suspected or confirmed prostate cancer diagnosis and treatment. This specialist knowledge was developed in France, at the first centre in the world to recognise the critical role of MRI in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

He then further trained at New York University, where he developed MRI based methods using a minimally invasive surgical approach which significantly lowers the side effects of treatment and preserves continence and erections.

Clément joined the world leading UCL team in 2015 using precise diagnosis methods based on MRI scans for men with suspicious rising PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen a blood test marker) and Focal Therapy treatment, a non-invasive technique for destroying small tumours inside the prostate whilst leaving the rest of the gland intact.

Clément actively researches prostate cancer diagnosis, risk strategies and therapy. His special interests include clinical trials and developing new methods of research and imaging. He is widely published both nationally and internationally and regularly presents at international meetings.

languages French + English

education + posts

  • PhD Biology - Clinical Research, Technology and Innovation, Health, University of Normandy, Caen, France 
  • DESC Diploma in Complementary Specialised Studies in Urological Surgery (French CCT equivalent), University of Normandy, Caen, France
  • MD Medical Doctor Thesis, University of Normandy, Caen, France 
  • DES Diploma in Specialised Studies in Surgery, University of Normandy, Caen, France
  • MSc(R) Research Master Degree in Surgical Sciences, specialty Oncology, University of Paris XII, Paris, France
  • MPH Master Degree in Law, Economy, Health Policy and Social Sciences, specialty Epidemiology, University of Normandy, Caen, France
  • Academic Degree of Surgical Anatomy, Surgical Anatomy of Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis, University of Normandy, Caen, France
  • Residency in Surgery and Urological Surgery, 2006-2012, University of Normandy, Caen, France
  • Training program in Surgery and Urological Surgery, University Hospital of Caen, France
  • Basic Medical Degree, University of Lille II, Lille, France
  • Medical School of Lille, Medical qualification
  • Baccalauréat, Lycée Notre Dame des Dunes, Dunkerque, France
  • Sciences, specialisation in Mathematics


  • Initial Consultation 30 mins £170
  • Subsequent Consultation 20 mins £120
  • Cancellation policy 50% of fee unless cancelled a minimum of 24 hours prior to consultation

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gender Male

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