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Ms Nadia Brydon

Ms Nadia Brydon


specialty Nutrition

SPECIAL EXPERTISE IN Women's Health + Natural Health + Herbal Medicine

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Nadia is one of the best-known complimentary medicine health practitioners in the UK. She has been in practice for over 30 years.

Most of her work has been in women’s health and with those affected by cancer. But she is also dedicated to helping make a difference to the lives of both men and women seeking optimal health, energy and longevity.

Nadia holds a Masters Degree in International Public Health Nutrition and is very highly skilled in numerous related areas including acupuncture, Western and Chinese herbal medicine, naturopathy and detoxification which she uses in combination to improve health.

She has a proven track record in helping her patients improve their health and quality-of-life through simple and easy to follow dietary and lifestyle changes and techniques.

Her expertise and skills are so extensive that it is impossible for us to list them here. 

We can do no better than quote Sara Davenport, health advocate, who founded one of the UK's largest breast cancer charities, The Haven, on Nadia and her skills.

“Nadia Brydon is my first choice for the ReBoot Hero series. Nadia is a professional health educator, raw food chef and acupuncturist and is also trained in reflexology, and Western and Chinese herbal medicine. With a natural talent for healing, Nadia has been practising for more than 40 years making her one of the most experienced therapists I know in the holistic health field. On top of all that, she is extremely knowledgeable about detox and complementary therapies, having successfully worked with hundreds of people with many different health problems.

I first met Nadia over 20 years ago, when I set up what is now one of the UK’s largest breast cancer charities, Breast Cancer Haven, and employed her to be the acupuncturist and medical herbalist at our first centre in Fulham. She is the queen of detox. She knows everything there is to know about colonics, enemas, nutritional supplements and cleanses. If you want a full colon MOT, then Nadia is your person.” 

languages English

education + posts

  • The Really Healthy Company: Nutrition Consultant
  • Natural Chef Course at College of Naturopathic Medicine : lecturer
  • University of Westminster Department of Health Sciences: Masters Degree MSc
  • Breast Cancer Haven London : Senior Therapist
  • King's College London: Acupuncture Clinical Study
  • Sun Chlorella: Consultant
  • The School of Herbal Medicine (Phytotherapy): BSc equivalent
  • Raw and Living Food : Chef and Instructor
  • Hippocrates Health Educator USA


  • National Institute of Medical Herbalists (MNIMH)
  • Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (MRCHM)
  • Association of Reflexologists (MAR)
  • British Register of Complementary Practitioners (MBRCP)
  • Homoeopathic Medical Association (MHMA)
  • Scientific Exploration Society

gender Female

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Patient Reviews and Ratings

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