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What is a Non-Invasive Prenatal Test?

During pregnancy, non-invasive prenatal tests (NIPTs) give you information about your developing baby’s chromosomes. These tests can be performed from early pregnancy to offer you reassurance, as they can provide you with a risk assessment of some developmental abnormalities which may affect a pregnancy.


What risks do NIPTs present?

NIPTs have the advantage of being quick, safe and easy, and can be performed as early as week nine of your pregnancy. They carry no risk to either you as the mother, or your baby. All that is required is a sample of your blood. Typically, results are back within five days of your blood being taken.


Are NIPTs the most accurate way of finding possible abnormalities?

NIPTs have limitations: they are “screening” tests, as opposed to “diagnostic” tests. They evaluate the risk (not the certainty) of a baby having some genetic abnormality. No result, to this day, is 100% accurate. A small risk of “false positive” and “false negative” results does exist, regardless of which NIPT you choose. 

In cases where the report shows some findings of potential anomalies, the recommendation is to go for further tests, such as amniocentesis or CVS, as well as genetic counselling.


Are there different NIPTs to choose from?

At The Medical Chambers Kensington, we offer patients a choice of screening tests, alongside our expert pregnancy ultrasound service. Dr Nyberg, who runs the Ultrasound Clinic, has been using NIPTs since their inception in the USA. As technology develops and more sophisticated tests become available, we are quick to introduce these. They allow our patients to make more informed choices around what’s best for them, based on the information they wish to receive and their medical or family history.


NIPTs at The Medical Chambers 

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