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Lip Fillers

Hyaluronic acid injections to augment and reshape your lips, improve symmetry and give you a soft, plump pout.

What are lip fillers?

Lip fillers are temporary, non-surgical treatments to enhance your lips. The consultant cosmetic dermatologist performs targeted injections of hyaluronic acid to enlarge your lips, define the contour, and restore symmetry to your mouth.

Lip fillers can instantly reshape and augment your lips without surgery. They are naturally reabsorbed by the body over time, gradually reducing in volume over up to a year.


Why have lip fillers?

Full lips are associated with youth, beauty and sex appeal. Celebrities, reality stars and influencers have made a generous pout increasingly popular. However, lip fillers are not just for people who want exaggerated bee-stung lips. They can help if your lips have shrunk as you’ve grown older, if you’re self-conscious about your mouth and want a subtle boost, or if your lips are asymmetrical. Lip line filler can be an effective temporary treatment for smokers lines.

You may want to have lip fillers to look great for a special occasion, or choose regular injections to give your lips and confidence a boost. Lip fillers can also be a useful way of testing augmentation before having more permanent surgery.


Why choose The Medical Chambers for lip fillers?

The Medical Chambers provides professional, safe and effective care in a state-of-the-art Kensington Clinic.

  • Consultant-delivered service: All patients attending The Medical Chambers for lip fillers will see Dr Ramia Mokbel a highly-qualified consultant cosmetic dermatologist with extensive knowledge and experience. She is skilled in precisely placing filler to achieve the look you want. She can also build up your lips over a series of sessions, so that you get beautifully natural-looking results.
  • Treatment you can trust:  The Medical Chambers uses the highest quality injectable hyaluronic acid for effective and attractive lip augmentation.
  • Legacy: Over ten years The Medical Chambers has built a reputation for excellence and the highest standards of service and professionalism.
  • Comprehensive care: The Medical Chambers has a team of world-leading consultants from different specialties under one roof. If you need to see another specialist, we can arrange for rapid referral to a trusted expert.
  • Bespoke treatment programmes: The Medical Chambers believes in an individual approach to skincare. Dr Ramia Mokbel will carefully assess your lips and your goals before recommending lip filler injections to enhance your lips and your natural beauty.


What happens in lip filler treatment?

Dr Ramia Mokbel gives dermal filler injections in the outpatient cosmetic dermatology clinic. She will apply an ice-pack and topical anaesthetic before treatment to reduce any swelling and pain.

Dr Ramia injects the hyaluronic acid into the lips through a fine needle. She will inject along the lip border to increase the volume and give a pouting look. She will gradually increase the size through multiple microinjections to get the lips you want without risking a ‘trout pout’.

Following the procedure, she will gently massage the injection area to spread the filler evenly and achieve the best cosmetic results.


Your recovery following lip fillers

You will have minimal downtime following lip filler injections. You can go straight back to work and normal activities. You may notice slight redness, bruising and small lumps for a few days. Swelling can be noticeable after lip fillers. Apply cold packs and sleep with your head raised on a couple of pillows to reduce swelling and bruising.

Lip filler injections are temporary. They are gradually broken down by your body over time. The length of time the filler lasts depends on the formulation and the individual - but typically lasts around a year.


Preparation for lip fillers

Careful preparation before lip filler injections can reduce bruising and improve results. Dr Ramia recommends that you:

  • Avoid alcohol for twenty-four hours before treatment.
  • Avoid lip filler injections if you have your period. They may be more painful and you may be more at risk of feeling faint or unwell.
  • Talk to Dr Ramia or your GP about medication. Aspirin, ibuprofen and some herbal medicines can increase your risk of bleeding and bruising. If possible, you should stop them one week before treatment.


Are there any complications with lip fillers?

In Dr Ramia’s skilled hands, lip filler injections are generally safe and there are few side-effects. You may notice:

  • Bruising which is usually minor and settles in a few days.
  • Swelling which can last up to five days.
  • Very rarely patients are allergic to hyaluronic acid. The Medical Chambers has emergency equipment and medication to treat any adverse reactions quickly and effectively.
  • If you are unhappy with your lips, Dr Ramia can inject an enzyme that dissolves the filler and reverses the augmentation.