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How to pay

We are not currently accepting cash payments to minimise contact. We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express.

The Medical Chambers Kensington and La Clinique Française welcome both self-pay and insured patients. 

Self-pay patients  We will ask you to pay on the day of your appointment for your consultation, laboratory test, ultrasound scan and/or clinic fees if you have had a procedure. However, some of our Consultants will invoice you directly.

We will tell you the cost of a consultation with your chosen Specialist and give you a verbal estimate of the cost of a procedure so you know what to expect.

We will also ask you for your credit/debit card details in order to secure your appointment. This information is held securely in encrypted form on Datacash software, which is compliant with all Card Payment Industry regulations. Your card will not be charged prior to your appointment. We do not accept cheques. You can also pay by cash.


Privately insured patients  The Medical Chambers Kensington is recognised by most British PMIs (Private Medical Insurers). This allows us to invoice your insurance company where we have a direct settlement agreement. 


Please remember…Always tell your insurance company about your visit prior to your appointment. You will be told what they will cover and about any shortfall you may have to pay.

Your Insurer will confirm whether the doctor you want to see is recognised by them and whether The Medical Chambers Kensington is one of their recognised providers.

Your Insurer will also tell you if you need to be referred by your GP in order to claim. This is how the majority of British PMIs work. Most of our doctors will see you without a referral from your GP, but you may not be covered by your Insurer without one.

We will need your insurance details in advance of your appointment, including your membership number and pre-authorisation number.

Tell your Insurer about every stage of your treatment. In some cases, if you need further treatment or investigations your Insurer may give you a different pre-authorisation number.

Please also remember that you are responsible for any insurance company shortfall or outstanding balance. We will ask you to sign our terms and conditions when you register and you can see them here.

We do not have direct settlement agreements with some foreign medical insurance companies. In some cases your Insurer may send us a Letter of Guarantee (LOG) which details the costs they will cover. We need to have received this letter in advance of your visit in order to accept it.

In all other cases, we will ask you to settle your account at your visit. We will give you a receipt for your Insurer.