Get an expert opinion from a highly skilled Consultant Dermatologist within 48 hours

Introducing our Teledermatology Service

If you’re concerned about a mole or skin lesion, you’ll want to get it checked out as soon as possible. But you may struggle to find an urgent appointment with a highly qualified and experienced consultant dermatologist. And the wait will create unnecessary anxiety or worry. 

We have the solution. The Medical Chambers Kensington is the first clinic in London to offer private eDerma teledermatology consultations. So if you require urgent advice, you will be pleased to learn that we can now use remote telediagnosis to analyse a skin lesion, mole or rash. All within 48 hours of your visit.


How does Teledermatology from eDerma work? 

We’ll ask you to come to the clinic at the earliest opportunity. One of our healthcare assistants trained in teledermatology will take your clinical history and several very high quality photographs of your skin lesion or mole, using a specially designed instrument called a dermatoscope.

Our healthcare assistant uses a secure web-based system designed by dermatologists to send your information to Consultant Dermatologist Dr Veronique Bataille. She has been using teledermatology in her NHS practice for over 14 years. 

Dr Bataille will remotely assess your history and images using this clinical information. She will send her analysis and recommendation to you, and to your GP if you wish. Dr Bataille will either reassure you that no further action is needed, or advise you to come to the clinic for a review appointment which may include treatment or a biopsy. Dr Bataille can also arrange prescriptions remotely if required. 


How much does Teledermatology cost?

  • Initial Consultation with one of our Healthcare Assistants or Nurse £125
  • Subsequent Consultation with Dr Veronique Bataille, Consultant Dermatologist £125 


Teledermatology at The Medical Chambers Kensington

If you want to learn more about teledermatology at our clinic please call our team on 020 7244 4200.