The Medical Chambers Kensington is pleased to announce the opening of its new dental surgery in Autumn 2017: The Dental Chambers Kensington.

This new service will be led by Dr Lionel Friedmann and Dr Marie Heintz, who both graduated at the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Strasbourg, France. They have been practicing in London for several years. Together they will offer you a range of very high quality services, within an ultra-modern technical environment. 


Dr Lionel Friedmann, General Dental Surgeon, is a graduate of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of Strasbourg. Lionel has lived and worked in London for the last 3 years. His priority is to offer a personalised service based on the latest techniques and technology available. Having obtained post-graduate diplomas in implantology and periodontology, Lionel offers, in addition to general and cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, implantology, surgery and endodontics. He treats adults as well as children.

Dr Marie Heintz is a Dental Surgeon specialising in orthodontic treatment. She graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry of Strasbourg and later qualified at the CETO (Centre for Teaching Orthodontic Techniques) in Paris. Marie has been living and working in London since 2011. Her interest in orthodontics allows her to treat children and adults. She offers treatment with conventional brackets (metal or ceramic) as well as lingual brackets and the American system of transparent aligners "Invisalign ™".

She pays particular attention to the detection of jaw growth asymmetries in young children and offers early intervention.

Most major dental specialties will be offered. Furthermore, all X-rays necessary for a precise and rapid diagnosis and start of treatment will be done here, with our CBCT 3D scanner (panoramic, cephalometric radiographs, 3D modelling for complex cases). So no need to make an appointment elsewhere to have your x-rays done. Your Dentist will be able to make his/her diagnosis and treatment suggestions quickly and precisely at your initial appointment.

Dr. Isabelle Granger-Cohet, a Dental Surgeon who has worked for 20 years in London, is particularly pleased to participate in the realisation of this project that is close to her heart.

Whether you want more information or want to register on our waiting list, you can reach us by email or call us at 020 7244 4200.