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Preventative Dentistry in Adults

Your 32 adult teeth are designed to last a lifetime – even if you live to 100 years or more. To achieve this, and avoid bleeding gums and bad breath, it’s important to look after your mouth correctly.

Having a regular dental check-up is an important part of modern preventive dentistry. Your dentist not only looks for early signs of tooth decay that need timely fillings, but will also check for signs of gum disease, teeth grinding or tooth wear.


Our dentists recommend that you schedule:

  • A routine dental evaluation every six months (with dental x-rays when needed)
  • Regular scaling and polishing every six months as a minimum


Oral health and preventive dentistry

Scheduling a regular dental check-up is not just about maintaining a winning smile. No matter how well you brush and floss your teeth, it’s easy to miss some areas on which a sticky film (plaque) full of bacteria and tartar (a hardened deposit) quickly develop. These build-ups can lead to inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) which often goes unnoticed, although you may experience some occasional blood staining when brushing your teeth.

If gingivitis is not addressed by preventive dental treatment, then it may progress to cause inflammation around the roots of the teeth (periodontitis) and even spread to your jawbone. Not surprisingly, periodontal gum disease is a common cause of bad breath, pain, receding gums, loosening of the teeth and tooth loss. In later life, it is the first cause of tooth loss.

These long-term complications can all be prevented by maintaining good oral health, having regular dental check-ups, and making dental hygienist appointments in which your teeth are thoroughly cleaned and surface stains removed.

Recent research even suggests that poor oral health and gum disease can cause bacteria to enter the bloodstream. This may increase your risk of heart disease, lung disease, diabetes and even some forms of dementia. If you already have certain heart conditions, then your dentist may take additional precautions such as prescribing antibiotics as a preventive measure to cover some dental treatments.

Periodontal health (the health of your gums and underlying supporting bone) is especially important for pregnant women, when the needs of a growing baby can lead to tooth and gum changes. 

Another key part of preventive dentistry is screening the soft tissues of your mouth for early signs of mouth cancer.


French dental practice

Our French dentists are both bilingual in French and English, and treat adults and children using the latest techniques and advanced technologies.

Dr Lionel Friedmann specialises in general and cosmetic dentistry, periodontics, dental surgery and root canal treatment (endodontics).

Dr Marie Heintz provides tailored orthodontics and interventional dentistry for both adults and children.


Booking a dental evaluation at The Dental Chambers Kensington

Our dentists are at hand to provide specialist Preventive Dentistry care. To find out how our dentists can help you and your family, please telephone 020 7244 4200 or to book your dental evaluation.