Specialist care for all ear nose and throat conditions


We all take our hearing for granted. It's there. We hear. Life is good. But hearing loss can be incredibly debilitating. Removing your sense of hearing can cause great emotional stress and can strain relationships to the limit. The American author Helen Keller said "Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people".

So what can you do about it? You should start by finding a skilled Audiologist. Your Audiologist will assess your hearing using very advanced diagnostic equipment. Modern digital hearing systems have developed significantly in recent years and nowadays a digital hearing system can often be very nearly invisible and almost always extremely discreet...

Your Audiologist needs to be very skilled in diagnosing and understanding your exact needs. We will take a mould of your outer ear to ensure that your device fits precisely. We only use the very latest and most advanced equipment and will calibrate your device using a dedicated computer programme and Bluetooth. A good and reputable Audiologist will always offer you an aftercare plan which will ensure that he/she works with you in the long term to guarantee your absolute satisfaction.

You will NOT be subjected to the high pressure sales techniques usually found on the High Street. We do not work on a sales commission basis. We do not have financial targets to meet.

We will do whatever is necessary to ensure that your device fits your ear correctly and is calibrated to get the best possible results.

We of course compete with High Street retailers on price, but offer an infinitely better service and are so confident in our products and our approach that we don't ask you to pay anything until you are satisfied that your device works perfectly for you.

Here is what we offer you...

A comprehensive hearing assessment for adults and children aged 3 and above
A comprehensive tinnitus assessment
Hearing aid advice and fitting
A tinnitus consultation and advice
Hearing protection including + ER series custom made plugs