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The menopause is a natural phase in a woman’s life that is popularly known as ‘the change’. The menopause occurs when your ovaries run out of eggs and are unable to produce enough female hormones to maintain your monthly menstrual cycle.

The menopause typically occurs gradually, and you may notice your periods becoming more and more irregular over the course of four to five years. You may also develop symptoms due to falling oestrogen hormone levels, even while you are still having periods. This phase is sometimes referred to as the perimenopause, which means ‘around the time of the menopause’. 

The average age at which a woman’s monthly periods stop altogether is around 51 years, although any age between 45 and 55 years is considered normal. One in 10 women experience the menopause before the age of 40, due to premature ovarian failure. If you think you could be experiencing a premature menopause it is particularly important to seek medical advice.  

Symptoms of the menopause

Every woman has a different experience of the menopause, based on factors such as her diet, lifestyle and heredity. Around a quarter of women notice few, if any menopausal symptoms. The other three quarters do experience symptoms which, for one in four women, are classed as severe.

The most common symptoms associated with the menopause include:

hot flushes
night sweats
mood changes such as feeling depressed
difficulty concentrating
poor sleep patterns
muscle and joint aches and pains
urinary symptoms, including recurrent infections
vaginal dryness
painful sex
lack of libido

These symptoms will slowly improve but tend to last, on average, for seven years.

While the menopause is a completely normal and natural process, every woman needs individual assessment and treatment. As a private menopause specialist, The Medical Chambers Kensington recognises that you need an individual approach based on your symptoms and preferences.

Menopause treatment

Some women are able to manage their menopause symptoms themselves, but many find it a challenging experience that significantly affects their quality of life. At The Medical Chambers Kensington, our gynaecologists are experts in providing confidential care and professional treatment to help you manage your troublesome menopausal symptoms.

Some women choose to use prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT), of which more than 50 different types are available, including oral tablets, skin patches and gels, hormone implants and vaginal creams and pessaries. Our menopause experts can guide you through the pros and cons of each to help you decide if HRT is the right approach for you.

Other women are unable or unwilling to take HRT, but other treatment options are available that can help. For example, there are other medicines that can be prescribed to reduce hot flushes, if needed.

Our experienced gynaecologists (doctors who specialise in women’s health) can offer support and develop a personalised treatment plan to see you through what can be a difficult phase in life. 

Some of the menopause treatments we offer to patients include:

HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) – to bring low levels of oestrogen hormone back into the normal range
MonaLisa Touch - a minimally invasive and painless laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation
Treatment for low libido and other sexual difficulties.

Sometimes, holistic therapies are also recommended to complement your medical treatment and help manage menopause symptoms, such as:

Yoga - studies show that yoga may help to reduce symptoms of menopause
Herbal and other supplements - some women find supplements such as soy isoflavones, black cohosh, sage leaf, royal jelly, Rhodiola rosea, evening primrose oil or sea buckthorn oil helpful
Acupuncture may help to reduce hot flushes.

Lifestyle changes are also vitally important – it’s never too late to follow a healthier diet, exercise regularly, reduce your alcohol consumption, stop smoking, and get more sleep!

Our Clinic in London

The Consultant Gynaecologists at The Medical Chambers Kensington London will discuss the various options of your menopause care with you.

Your menopause check includes an in-depth appointment with your chosen Gynaecologist, a full examination, a blood test and in some cases a cervical screen with HPV test. You can find out the costs of our menopause packages here

To find out how our private menopause specialist can help you, please use the links above or telephone 020 7244 4200 for a confidential chat.