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What is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal condition that affects the way that ovaries function. It can greatly impact quality of life, and because it often stops ovulation (or causes it to be infrequent), PCOS may reduce a woman’s chances of getting pregnant.

What causes PCOS?

While it may be hereditary, the cause of PCOS is unknown. However, it’s linked to imbalance of certain hormones and resistance to insulin.

Do all women with polycystic ovaries have PCOS?

No. As many as 1 in 5 women who are scanned will present with polycystic ovaries, but they may not necessarily have PCOS. The condition is only diagnosed when the polycystic ovaries impact the function of the ovaries, and cause an imbalance in hormones. There would have to be other indicators, such as irregular periods, weight gain, abnormal hair growth or trouble conceiving for a gynaecologist at our clinic to give a diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of PCOS?

The symptoms of PCOS vary for every woman. That’s why we understand how important it is to offer a holistic approach to treating the symptoms.

Common symptoms include acne, weight gain, difficulty in getting pregnant, excessive facial and bodily hair and irregular periods.

Can PCOS be cured?

While there is no actual cure for PCOS, there are many ways to effectively manage the condition – from hormone-regulating medication to natural remedies for PCOS – that have been known to significantly improve the symptoms in most patients.

How is PCOS diagnosed?

Our gynaecologists always take a full medical history and perform an examination. Diagnosis itself is based on clinical assessment, blood tests and a pelvic ultrasound scan, and any other causes of the symptoms should also be investigated and ruled out.

Our clinic delivers expertise in gynaecological scanning, and our gynaecologists have extensive experience in recognising the symptoms of PCOS.

Holistic treatments for PCOS

Our gynaecologists are committed to tailoring every treatment to a woman’s individual needs. Once a diagnosis has been made, a gynaecologist’s aim is to find a bespoke treatment plan to improve a woman’s symptoms, and reduce the effect that these might be having on her lifestyle. Often, an integrated approach that involves other women’s healthcare specialists can deliver the best results.

It may be that one of our gynaecologists prescribes medication to a patient to regulate periods, and involves various specialists at the clinic to manage other troublesome symptoms. For example, if a patient is experiencing acne as a symptom, a dermatologist can offer specialist treatment to improve the condition of the skin.


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We offer affordable, private PCOS diagnosis and treatment in our clinic. Whether it’s a diagnosis you’re after, or treatments to help you manage the symptoms of PCOS, our Consultant Gynaecologists have extensive experience in all areas of the condition.

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