Pregnancy Care

We offer a full pregnancy and delivery package. Tests in pregnancy ensure that you and your baby are staying well and enable us to target treatment or recommend preventative measures if there are any causes for concern. We will provide advice and investigation if you have problems such as pelvic pain, morning sickness, back pain or raised blood pressure and can offer a range of ultrasound scans.

Common concerns or issues include:

Advice On Birth  Including vaginal birth following caesarean (VBAC) and preparation for caesarean birth.

Bleeding In Early Pregnancy  Spotting in early pregnancy can occur without any risk to baby or mother, but any bleeding should be investigated and, if appropriate, an ultrasound scan carried out.

Developmental Assessment With Ultrasound  Early pregnancy scanning using transvaginal ultrasound and the 12 week pregnancy scan to check development and detect markers for Downs Syndrome (nuchal translucency scan).

High Risk Pregnancy  You will need expert Obstetric care when pregnancy is not straightforward, such as being diabetic and pregnant, overweight and pregnant, congenital uterine abnormalities and pregnant and, of course, twins.

Pelvic Pain In Pregnancy  Advice for reducing pelvic discomfort and an assessment to rule out any underlying problems.