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Your heart is your body's engine, driving your blood to where it's needed most and keeping your vital systems functioning properly. Beating 100,000 times every day, it is involved in providing nutrients and removing waste products. So, like any engine, it needs regular checkups and works most efficiently if properly maintained.

Here at The Medical Chambers Kensington we offer many of the checks and tests which will help you find out how your heart is doing. Dr Francois Tarragano MD, Cardiologist affiliated to American Hospital of Paris, specialises in the treatment of coronary disease and structural cardiac abnormalities, as well as valvular and vascular disease.

Advances in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease happen so fast that we can do no better than to guide you to a small selection of external websites. Here you will be able to find everything you want to know about prevention, symptoms, tests and treatments. CardioSmart is the Patient education website of the Amercian College of Cardiology and will of course give you the American view.  British Heart Foundation will give you a lot of information about your heart, tests and treatments. Heart UK will give you in depth information about cholesterol and its effects. And Stroke Association will of course give you information about stroke.