Paediatrics is the area of medicine concerned with children up to the age of 18 and Paediatricians are medical specialists trained to treat them.

Children cannot be treated as small adults during their early years. Their organs, muscles and bones are not yet fully developed and their bodies have different nutritional requirements. Some diseases only affect children. Another complication is that their bodies are as yet unable to cope with adult medicines.

One major consideration for Doctors is that children, especially younger ones, sometimes have difficulty communicating pain and symptoms. Children often let you know that something is wrong through their behaviour, so what you and other family members may see as your child being "difficult" may in fact be a symptom of pain or illness. 

Obviously your child's welfare is of paramount importance and, again obviously, he/she may be vulnerable. So to protect your child the UK has developed legal and ethical frameworks/protocols about the way he/she is treated. All of these considerations mean that Paediatricians have to have unusually indepth diagnostic skills as well as a broad knowledge of the law relating to the care of children. 

From bed wetting to bird flu, computer addiction to coeliac disease, our Paediatricians offer a level of service designed specially to help you cope with your child's problems. So rather than just a treatment, we deal with the impact that an unwell child can have on family and take a more holistic approach.

As you would expect, the web has many resources dedicated to diagnosing and treating child illnesses. One of the best is run by the internationally famed Great Ormond Street Hospital.  You can look at it here.