Paediatrics at The Kensington Kids Clinic

Your child’s health will always be one of your main concerns. So it’s really helpful to know that you can turn to a paediatrician, a specialist who can help care for your child from birth to adolescence. And now you don’t have to take your child into a hospital to get the help you need, avoiding what can be a stressful experience. The Kensington Kids Clinic is welcoming, child friendly and calm. Now you and your child can get to know our paediatricians before becoming a patient…click here to learn about your meet and greet.

One of the main benefits of seeing a private paediatric Consultant or a clinician specialising in treating children is that you and your child will always spend enough time with your specialist whatever your child’s needs. Your specialist will get to know you, your child, and your circumstances.

Whether you need an assessment or perhaps special support when a problem arises, your specialist will be able to respond to your exact needs.

The Kensington Kids Clinic brings together paediatric experts with numerous skills to keep your child well or treat their illness. Our multidisciplinary approach delivers the compassionate,   specialised care your child deserves whatever his or her age.

Children cannot be treated as "small adults" during their early years. Understanding and monitoring the various stages of their physical, psychological and emotional development is important.

Children, especially younger ones, sometimes have difficulty describing their pain and symptoms. Their behaviour will often let you know that something is wrong. So what might come across as "being difficult" may actually be a symptom of pain or illness.

From bedwetting to asthma to cyber addiction and coeliac disease, our paediatricians can help you cope with your child's problems.


General Pediatrics

With a great reputation for clinical expertise, our team offers affordable well-child care along with keen diagnostic skills that can lead to early interventions on common and rare childhood illnesses and diseases.

Whether you want your child’s development to be monitored or his/her immunisations to follow the schedule of your choice (British or French or American) or you want rapid access to a specialist when your child is sick, you and your child will benefit from receiving personalized care focused on his or her unique needs.

For all your general paediatric needs, Dr Sophie Flammarion and Dr Anne Buk-Serero work as a team. So they can see each other’s patients at any time, discuss problems and access your child’s clinical records. Your child gets continuity of care and you enjoy peace of mind. Of course, both Sophie and Anne are happy for your child to see only one of them and it’s always your choice.

If both our paediatric clinicians are unavailable when you need an urgent appointment, we can always offer one of our GPs, who all treat children every day and know both Dr Flammarion and Dr Buk-Serero well.


Paediatric Specialist Care

The Kensington Kids Clinic is home to several specialists with extensive experience of treating children. Whether your child is referred by a GP or Paediatrician, or you have chosen to come to one of our specialists, we can easily organize an appointment for you.

Most of our Consultants also work in NHS hospitals and are well known for their exceptional expertise in their chosen specialty, as well as their vast experience of treating children.


ENT and Audiology

Ear, nose and throat problems in babies and children are extremely common and can often repeatedly affect your child. In some cases, the condition can become chronic and impair your child’s development.

The Kensington ENT Clinic offers appointments for both children and adults for common ear-nose-throat conditions as well as more complex problems.

We also offer a highly skilled audiology service, and your child can easily be assessed for potential hearing difficulties. Our Consultant Audiologist works hand-in-hand with our ENT specialists frequently providing rapid “on the spot” diagnosis and eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

Our Consultant ENT Surgeons and Audiologist have worked together for many years at St Mary’s Hospital in the NHS, as well as privately. They complement each other’s skills.

Ms Romana Kuchai, Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon 

Professor Tony Narula, Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon 

Mr Abhi Parikh is a Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon

Dr Alam Hussain is a Consultant Audiologist 



Dr Veronique Bataille treats all skin conditions in children.



Dr Sophie Flammarion specialises in allergy tests and immunotherapy focused specifically for children.



Dr Elodie Azan specialises in visual acuity assessments in children, with glasses prescription and  referral to an orthoptist when necessary.



Miss Anne Laure Espie offers the complete range of physiotherapy services, with particular expertise in craniotherapy for babies, toddlers and adolescents.


Psychiatry and Psychology

Dr Stephanie Vergnaud specialises in child and adolescent psychiatry, with particular expertise in autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity and perinatal psychiatry.

Mr Herve Glasel offers neruor-psychological assessments.



Professor Alain Fraisse and Dr Olivier Ghez offer cardiology and cardiological surgery for children with neonatal and/or congenital heart problems.


Other services

We also have links with other clinicians who do not work at the Kensington Kids Clinic, but are well known to our Paediatricians and GPs.