Continued personalised care for your child
Expertise in chronic conditions and childhood illnesses
Immunisations to fit your preferred schedule

Private Paediatrician

Your child’s health will always be one of your main concerns. So it’s really helpful to know that you can turn to a private paediatrician who can help you care for your baby or your child. And now we have introduced the Meet and Greet to help you choose the best paediatrician for your particular needs. You can learn more here.

One of the main benefits of seeing a private Consultant Paediatrician or a Doctor specialising in treating children is that you and your child will always have more than enough time with your specialist, whatever your child’s needs. Your specialist will get to know you, your child, and your circumstances.

Whether you come for a routine vaccination for your baby or seek professional advice when a problem arises, your specialist will be able to respond to your exact needs.

Our paediatric services offer all the main medical specialties you and your family expect to find in an outpatient clinic. 

Private Paediatric Care at The Kensington Kids Clinic

Our team has a great reputation for clinical expertise and offers affordable well-child care along with highly experienced diagnostic skills which can lead to early interventions on common and rare childhood illnesses and diseases.

Whether you want your baby or child’s development to be monitored or his/her immunisations to follow the British, American or French schedules (your choice with our advice should you want it) or rapid access to a specialist when your child is sick, you will receive personalised care focused on his or her unique needs.

For all your general paediatric needs, Dr Claudine De Munter and Dr Sophie Flammarion work as a team. So if your child’s regular paediatrician is not available or on holiday any of them can see each other’s patients at any time, discuss problems and access all of your child’s clinical records. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that your child will benefit from this exceptional continuity of care.

Should none of our paediatricians be available (very rare) when you need an urgent appointment we can always offer you an appointment with one of our GPs who all regularly treat children and work with the paediatricians.

Paediatric Specialist Care at The Kensington Kids Clinic  

The Kensington Kids Clinic is home to several specialists with extensive experience of treating children. Whether your child is referred by a GP or Paediatrician, or you chose to come to one of our specialists, we are here to help.

Most of our Consultants also work in NHS hospitals and are well known for their exceptional expertise in their chosen specialty, as well as their vast experience of treating children.

ENT and Audiology  

Ear, nose and throat problems in babies and children are extremely common and can often repeatedly affect your child. In some cases, the condition can become chronic and impair your child’s development.

The Kensington ENT Clinic offers appointments for both children and adults for common ear-nose-throat conditions as well as more complex complaints.

We also offer a highly skilled audiology service, and your child can easily be assessed for potential hearing difficulties. Dr Alam Hussain and Ms Beaterice Vincent, our audiologists, work hand-in-hand with our ENT specialists frequently providing rapid “on the spot” diagnosis and eliminating the need for multiple appointments.

They have worked together for many years at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust (St Mary’s Hospital and Charing Cross Hospital), as well as privately. And they complement each other’s skills.


Other services  

When your child needs another skill we will guide you to the right specialist.