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Children's nutrition and dietetics

A healthy diet is essential for optimal growth during infancy, childhood and adolescence. Children's nutrition will set them up for life, and so it's important to ensure they get all the protein, essential fats, energy, vitamins and minerals they need now.

How can a paediatric dietitian help?

While a nutritionist aims to promote good nutrition and to enhance the impact of food on health, a paediatric dietitian, can go further and is trained to assess, diagnose and treat diet and nutrition-related problems. They can devise meal plans for children with particular health challenges who need to follow a special diet.

Our dietitian, Ms Francine Joyce, has a BTS Dietitian Degree and can provide individual nutritional advice for children of all ages. She can help you successfully wean your baby from breast milk or formula onto a healthy solid diet, and help to monitor normal child growth and development to ensure they are thriving. If your child is over or under weight, for example, she can also help them achieve a healthy weight through assessing their diet.

Helping you understand the nutrients your child needs

A paediatric nutritionist or a paediatric dietitian can help you make sure your child is receiving the right vitamin and mineral supplements at the correct dose for their age.

The Department of Health provides the following recommendations:

Breastfed babies need a daily vitamin D supplement from birth, whether or not their mother is taking a vitamin D supplement
Babies who have more than 500ml infant formula per day don’t need supplements as formula is already fortified with vitamins
Children aged six months to five years need daily vitamin supplements containing vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin D

Public Health England also now recommend that adults and children from the age of one year should take a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D in autumn and winter.

If you are unsure about the supplements your child needs, our dietitian can help.

Children with particular nutritional needs

Our paediatric dietitian can work together with our paediatricians, gastroenterologists, family doctors and dentists to provide nutritional guidance for children of all ages with:

food allergies or sensitivities
gastrointestinal problems
eating disorders
dental decay
kidney disease
liver problems
suppressed immunity (for example due to HIV or cancer)

Promoting good nutrition and a healthy diet at The Kensington Kids Clinic, London

Whether your child has food aversions, is a picky eater, or has complex nutritional needs, we can provide individual advice and support. Our paediatric dietitian is skilled in formulating an eating plan for any health problems in babies, children, adolescents and adults alike.

For expert advice on your children’s nutrition, please telephone 020 7244 4200 and we will be happy to answer your questions.