Our children’s health is always one of a parent’s main concerns. So it’s really helpful to know that a paediatrician, a specialist who can help care for them from birth to adolescence (18 years), is available.

One of the main benefits of seeing a private paediatric consultant or a clinician specialising in treating children is that you and your child will always spend enough time with your specialist whatever your child’s needs. It may just be an assessment, it could be treatment or perhaps special support when a problem arises.

Children cannot be treated as "small adults" during their early years. Their organs, muscles and bones are not yet fully developed and their bodies have different nutritional needs. 

Understanding and checking the various stages of physical, psychological and emotional development is important. And some diseases only affect children so prescriptions and medicines need to be formulated specially for them.

We offer regular examinations by a skilled paediatrician to evaluate your child’s development and regular screening for potential problems such as asthma, throat, ear and heart conditions as well as rapid access to care or treatment.

Children, especially younger ones, sometimes have difficulty describing their pain and symptoms. Their behaviour will often let you know that something is wrong. So what you and your family may interpret as a "difficult" attitude may actually be a symptom of pain or illness.

From bedwetting to asthma to cyber addiction and celiac disease, our paediatricians offer a level of service specially designed to help you cope with your child's problems. So, we don’t limit ourselves to just prescribing treatment. We take a much more comprehensive approach and also treat the impact that a child's illness can have on family. 

We work as a team with paediatric consultants and specialists in cardiology, dermatology, respiratory diseases, allergies, ophthalmology, ultrasound, physiotherapy, psychiatry and psychology. Most of our consultants also work in NHS hospitals and are well known for their exceptional expertise.

The web offers many resources dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of childhood illnesses. One of the best is the world famous Great Ormond Street Hospital in London and you can check it here.