Conditions identified at earliest and most treatable stages


What are the benefits of seeing a private GP? There are many benefits but two major advantages are that you can choose the GP you want to see regardless of where you live and you can usually get an appointment the same day.

Your appointment will be longer and at a time convenient for you. So when you decide you need to be seen. You will get a more personal service and rapid results if you need tests.

Do I need to be on your patients list before I can get an appointment? No. If you have never visited The Medical Chambers Kensington or La Clinique Française, we will take a few personal details when you call us to make your first appointment. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment with a link, which will allow you to register your details online. So your electronic records will be ready when you come, saving you time.

But you can also register here at the Clinic should you wish.

How do I make an appointment? You can call us on 0207 244 4200 or email us or complete a contact form.

Who will I be seen by? When you call us, we will ask you about your preferences.

You might want a French speaking doctor, prefer a male doctor, or a doctor who speaks a specific language. We will always try to offer you an appointment with the GP of your choice or your usual GP.

However, if you need a very urgent appointment and your regular GP is not available for some reason you may be offered an appointment with one of his/her colleagues. All of our GPs work together as a team, so they will share your notes, have all the relevant information and communicate with each other to give you the best possible care and advice. We do not work with locum (short-term stand in) doctors.

What if I need to see a Specialist? Can my GP refer me to an NHS specialist? Your GP at The Medical Chambers Kensington and La Clinique Française has vast and detailed knowledge of the best London specialists and will be able to refer you rapidly to the right one.

They cannot however refer you to a named consultant in the NHS, but only to a specific department in an NHS Hospital (eg to the Neurology department at Charing Cross, not a named Neurologist). This is an NHS rule.

Can you arrange payment via my health insurance company? Most British PMIs (Private Medical Insurances) do not cover GP fees so a lot of the time we ask you to pay at Reception at the time of of your appointment. Please note that we do not send invoices.

Some overseas PMIs and international schemes cover GP fees and we have direct settlement facilities with many of them, including BUPA International, International SOS, Healix, Cigna International and many more.

Please ask us when you make your appointment as we may need a Letter of Guarantee from your Insurer.