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Private Ultrasound Scans

Whether you’re looking for a pregnancy scan or being referred for a gynaecological scan, we can offer you the highest level of care and support. With a range of clinics now offering private ultrasound scanning, choosing where to go can be a challenge. Private ultrasound scan prices can vary a great deal – particularly in London – which may add another layer of confusion.

Why choose The Medical Chambers Kensington for your scan?

Our area of expertise in Ultrasound scanning encompasses all aspects of Women’s health: gynaecology scans (to investigate fibroids, endometriosis, PCOS, abnormal bleeding.....), to fertility concerns (ovarian reserves, Hysterosalpingo Foam Sonography) and pregnancy scans as well as prenatal genetic tests.

We also offer other scans such as abdominal, thyroid, breast (not for screening) and male genitalia scans.

To help you understand the service we offer in our clinic, we’ve answered a few common questions.


What are pregnancy scans for? 

We offer pregnancy scans primarily to check a baby’s development and a mother’s wellbeing. This means you won’t find a cost for “gender scans” or 3D/4D scans. Rather, our experts look at all aspects of a baby’s development and of a mother’s wellbeing. They also use advanced imaging, so you have the option of taking home some 3D/4D images at no extra cost. Plus, after your scan you’ll be sent a link so you can access your images and easily share them with family and friends.


Who will scan you and review your images?

Most sonographers have their images and/or reports reviewed by a Radiologist (a medical doctor) usually specialising in a given field. At The Medical Chambers Kensington, our highly experienced sonographer Ms Ciara McKenna does all of her own reporting. 

Ms McKenna has many years working at the top of her field, both in the NHS and the private sector and in the USA. Patients comment on her expertise, and how at ease she makes them feel during consultations. Her full diary and the repeat visits from patients are testament to this.


How long does a scan take? 

At The Medical Chambers Kensington you pay for a private, specialist service, and your time with us is something we never hurry. Most scans take a minimum of 30 minutes (early pregnancy/viability) to an hour (12 week and 20 week scans) or more if it’s a multiple pregnancy. This will allow you to make the most of your experience, have a detailed discussion with your sonographer, and ask any questions you may have.


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Ultrasound scans for diagnosis and treatment at The Medical Chambers Kensington


You’ll be in the safe hands of Ms McKenna, who has extensive experience, and has been involved in research and evaluation of risk of congenital abnormalities. She uses the most up-to-date technology, including 3D and 4D ultrasound and Doppler scanning, enabling her to observe both structure and function of organs in very close detail.

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