Non-invasive scans during pregnancy and fertility treatment

26-40 Week Pregnancy Welfare Scan

The late pregnancy 'welfare' scan, also known as the Third Trimester Growth scan, carried out between weeks 26 and 40 of pregnancy, is not routinely offered by NHS hospitals. Many parents ask for this pregnancy scan at The Medical Chambers Kensington both for reassurance and to have an extra look at their baby. Towards the end of pregnancy the facial features are likely to be very clear, particularly when viewed with 3D and 4D ultrasound technology; you can see your baby's face while he or she is still in your womb. These images will be clearest between 22 and 30 weeks. Parents often tell us this is a good way to feel more in touch with their baby before birth, and helps them to feel prepared for birth and parenthood. We will give you printed images to take home, and email you a link so you can view more images.

The 26-40 week pregnancy scan is used to:

check a baby's growth by measuring various parts of the body and estimating weight, and comparing these measurements to those made during previous scans
check a baby's heartbeat
measure blood flow between the placenta and baby 
check the amniotic fluid
check a baby's activity
view the images in 3D/4D
give you printed and digital images at no extra cost

A late pregnancy scan may be recommended where there is a medical indication, such as diabetes or heart disease, concerns about growth, or for women who have had complications during their current or previous pregnancies. This late pregnancy scan is sometimes requested by women who feel the baby moving less than usual or have experienced unusal abdomen pains or any bleeding.

What to expect  You'll meet either our specialist prenatal sonographer or our doctor who specialises in prenatal diagnosis. The actual scan will take around 30-40 minutes and during this time you'll be able to see the 3D and 4D images of your baby onscreen.

In addition to performing an ultrasound scan your sonographer will carry out a Doppler scan. Doppler is a technique used to measure placental blood flow and helps us to assess your baby's growth. Each baby is unique and your baby's measurements during this scan will be considered in the context provided by previous measurements.

Your sonographer will explain the results immediately after your scan and will let you know what you need to do next. We will give you a black and white print of your baby's image and we'll email you a link where you can view and download a selection of images from your scan.

Our specialist prenatal doctor will review the scans and discuss them with your sonographer before sending a report to your doctor within 24 hours. We'll give you a copy of your report shortly after your appointment, or we can send it by email.