Non-invasive scans during pregnancy and fertility treatment

MaterniT GENOME™

A revolutionary advance in Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests.


The Medical Chambers Kensington is proud to introduce Maternit GENOME™ to the UK.

This new test will give you more information about your baby's chromosomes than any other test currently available worldwide.

It was developed by Sequenom Laboratories of San Diego California, one of the leaders in the field and always at the forefront of research and development in non-invasive prenatal tests.

After introducing the MaterniT21® PLUS™ laboratory-developed test in 2011, Sequenom has now launched Maternit GENOME™, the only NIPT to date which provides genome-wide analysis of all chromosomes.

MaterniT GENOME™ is unique as it analyses every chromosome of your baby to identify extra or missing parts of chromosomes, or other whole chromosome changes. MaterniT GENOME™ is the only genome-wide NIPT which noninvasively provides karyotype-level insight.

Other non-invasive prenatal tests, such as Harmony, look only at a limited number of chromosomes. Sequenom's MaterniT21 PLUS™ test looked at microdeletions and other abnormalities in chromosomes which could only previously be detected by invasive procedures such as CVS or amniocentesis.

Now the launch of MaterniT GENOME™ means yet another leap forward in non-invasive prenatal testing and is great news for pregnant women. 

Who is MaterniT ™ GENOME for?  You might be advised by your healthcare provider to have the MaterniT GENOME™ test if there are concerns about chromosomal abnormalities in your pregnancy because:

you have had an earlier abnormal screening result for this pregnancy;

you have a history of chromosome abnormality in a previous pregnancy;

you have a family history of chromosome abnormality;

an ultrasound scan identified abnormalities;

or you would just like to have the most comprehensive test currently available worldwide to give you as much information as possible about your baby's chromosomes, without the risk of an invasive procedure and the associated risk of a miscarriage.

What to expect  The test can be carried out from week 10 of pregnancy, and is performed by taking a blood sample from a vein in your arm. Your specialist prenatal doctor will discuss the test with you and you will have time to ask questions and talk through any concerns you have.

Your MaterniT GENOME™ results will usually be received within 12 calendar days.

We will contact you with your results as soon as they are available and will discuss them with you.

What will my results tell me?  MaterniT GENOME™ identifies whole chromosome abnormalities like trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18, or trisomy 13. Extra or missing pieces of chromosome material are also analysed. Some of these smaller changes are associated with rare conditions such as DiGeorge or Wolf-Hirschhorn syndromes, which often go undiagnosed at birth.

Having information about genetic conditions like this before the birth of your baby can help ensure you and your baby receive the proper and necessary support.

Will my results be clear?  MaterniT GENOME™ results are very clearly communicated: they are positive or negative.

A POSITIVE result means that the test has identified a chromosome abnormality. Where an abnormal result is found, an image of the chromosome change is included in the report, to help illustrate what was discovered.

A NEGATIVE result means that no chromosome changes have been found.


A few words from Dr David Nyberg, who has been responsible for the introduction of Sequenom Laboratories and the MaterniT tests to The Medical Chambers Kensington.

"MaterniT GENOME™ is the newest breakthrough in foetal DNA testing. It is the most comprehensive non-invasive analysis available anywhere.

This new test now analyses all chromosomes, rather than selected chromosomes. This coupled with GENOMES resolution means that for the first time the results from MaterniT GENOME™ will be comparable to genetic amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS)."