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What Happens During An Ultrasound Scan

Ultrasound scanning uses a probe that's shaped like a microphone and is passed over the surface of the skin. The high frequency sound waves (ultrasound) produce an echo which is translated into a series of detailed images that appear on a screen during the procedure. The specialist uses these to check the internal environment and to assist with diagnosis of symptoms. During a pregnancy scan, you will be able to see your baby and the sonographer will inspect a range of images to observe anatomical details and the way internal organs are functioning.

A gel is applied to the skin before the probe is passed over it. This maximises the contact between the probe and your skin to produce high quality images. As the probe is moved over the area being scanned, you will feel a very gentle pressure, but should feel no pain. You may be asked to lie still, change your position, hold your breath or perform very simple breathing exercises during your scan.

If you'd like to know more about the technology of ultrasound scanning, click here.

Having an ultrasound scan at The Medical Chambers Kensington  We're here to help you feel as comfortable as possible during your scan. Most scans take between 30 and 45 minutes and we suggest you allow one hour for your appointment so you will have plenty of time to discuss the results with your sonographer. We won't rush you.

Depending on the type of scan you're having you'll meet either a sonographer or ultrasound doctor whose specialty will meet your needs. View the profile of Ms Ciara McKenna to learn more about her skills in prenatal sonography, prenatal diagnosis and gynaecology ultrasound.

How to prepare for an ultrasound scan  For most scans you don't need to do anything beforehand but if there is any necessary preparation, we'll let you know. For example, we'll ask you not to eat or drink anything for four hours prior to an abdominal scan. Most people feel most comfortable wearing loose-fitting clothes and we have gowns where a change of clothes is preferable.

Receiving the results of an ultrasound scan  Your sonographer or doctor will explain the images that appear on the screen and will answer any questions you may have. He or she will also let you know what you need to do next. If you are having a pregnancy scan you will be given a link to your images, so that you can share them and download them. 

A full report will be sent to your doctor within 24 hours, and we will give you a copy. In urgent cases, we will telephone your doctor to give them the results sooner.

For more details, please download our The Medical Chambers Kensington Ultrasound Scanning Brochure.