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Varicose Veins and Interventional Radiology

You are probably asking what Interventional Radiology is. It refers to a range of techniques which use imaging guidance such as ultrasound to precisely target a therapy. Most IR treatments are minimally invasive alternatives to surgery. As many IR procedures start with passing a needle through the skin to the target area it is sometimes called pinhole surgery. So Interventional Radiologists are Doctors who are trained in radiology and interventional therapy.

The range of conditions capable of being treated by IR is enormous and continually expanding. Here at The Medical Chambers Kensington, Dr David West uses his IR skills to treat varicose veins in a minimally invasive way. The advantages include reduced risk, shorter treatment periods, lower cost, greater comfort and quicker return to work......or play. These treatments are very frequently better than traditional procedures.

All Dr West's treatments are guided by accurate medical imaging, including colour duplex ultrasound. Any succesful varicose vein treatment requires colour duplex ultrasound scans to accurately map what your veins look like and how they are working. David recommends that you be particularly cautious if you are offered surgery without first having a detailed colour duplex ultrasound scan. A handheld Doppler examination is just not good enough. It is important to check even the most innocent spider veins for valve failure and abnormal backflow (reflux). This type of ultrasound scan is painless, quick and non-invasive and you can find a lot of information about ultrasound scans at Ultrasound Diagnostics on this website. 

David carries out these scans himself and so does not rely on a report by a technician. He insists on ascertaining the information he needs himself. There are many advantages. One being that, if there is a potential problem, you can discuss it directly, at the time, with David. 

David's website contains a large amount of useful information. Other websites you might like to look at include

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