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Urology Specialist

Urinary problems are understandably embarrassing but a urology specialist is used to dealing with these sorts of conditions. We provide a comprehensive service, offering consultation, diagnosis, intervention and aftercare for a number of common urological conditions including:

Recurrent urinary infections  A burning pain when passing water, and more frequent, hurried, visits to the bathroom could indicate a urinary infection. If the symptoms keep returning, your doctor may advise you make an appointment with a private urologist. They can arrange urology tests to assess the urinary tract and look for abnormalities. 


Stress incontinence  Despite its name, stress urinary incontinence is not due to emotional stress but to increased physical pressure. A urologist can assess the cause of leaking during exertion, such as when sneezing, coughing or exercising, and recommend the best treatment options for regaining urinary control. 


Overactive bladder  Urinary incontinence is involuntary leaking associated with a sudden, compelling desire to pass urine which is difficult to ignore. It may be due to an overactive bladder so you are often rushing to the bathroom. Urology treatments can help to overcome this distressing problem.


Kidney disease  Chronic (long-term) kidney disease occurs when the filtering units preventing protein and blood cells from leaking are damaged, meaning they leak into the urine. Regular screening tests with a urologist detect slow reductions in kidney function. They will also diagnose other kidney problems such as anatomical abnormalities and infections, kidney stones, cysts, or renal cancer.


Blood in the urine  Blood in your urine is an alarming symptom and while the most common cause is a urinary tract infection or kidney disease, it may mean you have a stone in the urinary tract or bladder. Seek urgent medical advice from a urologist to rule out cancer of the bladder, prostate or kidney.


Male Urology Problems

As well as the urinary tract system, urologists address problems with male reproductive organs. Men should consider making an appointment with a private urologist to help them understand the most common issues and to identify early signs of conditions. If they are left untreated, they can lead to pain, discomfort and more serious health issues.


Benign prostate enlargement  The prostate is a male gland that lies just beneath the bladder, wrapped around the urinary tube (urethra). From around 45 years of age, men may experience a swelling of this gland, which can lead to difficulty or discomfort when passing water, as well as passing water more often

A urologist can confirm the cause and review your treatment options.


Prostatitis  While not commonly discussed, infection or inflammation of the prostate gland (prostatitis) can cause aching or pain around the genitals, lower back, pelvis or behind the scrotum. Passing water may also become difficult or painful, and you may notice a discharge. Medical advice from a urologist will help find the cause, identify any infection, and get you the necessary treatment.


Prostate cancer  Prostate cancer screening is an important option to help detect prostate tumours at an early, treatable stage. It’s the most common type of cancer in men, and while it is mostly likely to affect men over the age of 65, it can occur in younger men, too. Our Urologist can arrange prostate screening tests and if you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, can explain all your treatment options.


Male infertility  Difficulty in conceiving can be an upsetting experience so at The Medical Chambers Kensington we aim to help you feel as comfortable as possible. Our Urologist can assess male fertility and determine whether or not you have a low sperm count, decreased sperm motility or a high number of abnormal sperm shapes, for example. Our Consultant Gynaecologists are also available to help assess female fertility issues.


Erectile dysfunction  Difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection affects at least one in five men to some extent. While stress and lifestyle factors play an important role, erectile dysfunction can result from having diabetes, vascular disease, hormone imbalances such as testosterone deficiency, as well as neurological diseases and the side effects of some drugs. Our Urologist can identify the underlying cause and explain your treatment options.


Visiting the urology specialist at our Clinic in London

Early detection of urology problems can help prevent complications and worsened conditions in the long run. The Medical Chambers Kensington can provide diagnosis, specialist Urology care and answers to your health questions. To find out more, please telephone 020 7244 4200 and we will be happy to help.