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We are not currently accepting cash payments to minimise contact. We accept all major debit and credit cards including American Express.

It’s important that you know before you visit us how much you will be expected to pay, when and how, and what you will get for the amount you pay.

Fees  The fees your Specialist will charge are shown on the next page and on his/her profile on this website. In most cases, the length of your appointment is also shown. However, we ask you to recognise that your Specialist is charging for his/her skill and expertise and sometimes your appointment may be shorter or longer than this time.

The Medical Chambers Kensington takes payment on behalf of some of its Specialists and others will ask you to pay him/her at the time of your consultation. We do not issue invoices. Services including ultrasound diagnostics, blood tests, vaccines, nurse and similar are payable at the time of the service. You can do this by credit or debit card or cash.  We do not accept cheques. We accept most major credit and debit cards. We will give you a receipt for all charges. 

We reserve the right to charge interest at 12% per annum calculated from the date of the service to the date of receipt of payment by us where there is a delay in payment. All additional costs including fees paid to collection agencies, solicitors and similar will be payable by you.

Cancellation  Please note that your Specislist may charge a fee if you cancel your appointment and that this is an arrangement between the Specialist and you. Your Specialist's cancellation policy is shown on his/her profile on this website. 

We require a minimum of 24 hours' notice of your wish to cancel or postpone your appointment for services such as ultrasound diagnostics and similar, without which we reserve the right to charge the full fee which would have been payable.

Insurance  We are recognised by most Private Medical Insurance Companies. If you have medical insurance, and your Specialist is recognised by your insurance company, we strongly recommend that you contact your Insurer prior to your appointment to confirm any limit on your cover, excess payable by you and to obtain a pre-authorisation code. 

We will need details of your Insurer, your membership number and this code prior to your appointment. Without this information, we will ask you to settle your account at the time of your appointment. Please note that some Insurers require that you pay us at the time of your visit and then this claim from the Insurer.

Embassy And Company Sponsored Patients  We have credit arrangements with some Embassies and Companies and you will need to bring with you a Letter of Guarantee authorising treatment and/or tests if your Embassy or Company is sponsoring you.