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These prices are for the supply of vaccines. Please remember that vaccines will only be administered by one of our GPs, Consultants or Nurses who will charge his/her standard fee in addition.

Please also note that the supply of vaccines can be irregular and so we may not have all of them in stock all of the time. Please be sure to check availability with our team. You can also get more information about availability by emailing us at


AmbrixHepatitis A + B combined£88
BexseroMeningitis B£138
Boostrix PolioDiphtheria + Tetanus + Whooping Cough + Poliomyelitis£66
Engerix B AdultHepatitis B£50
Engerix B JuniorHepatitis B£50
Gardasil 9Human Papilloma Virus Infection£205
Havrix AdultHepatitis A£55
Havrix JuniorHepatitis A£50
Infanrix HexaDiphtheria + Haemophilus influenza type b + Hepatitis B + Pertussis + Polio + Tetanus£145
Influenza £28
IxiaroJapanese encephalitis£94
MenitorixHaemophilus influenza type b (Hib) and Meningitis C£77
MMR/PriorixMeasles, Mumps, Rubella£55
Neisvac CMeningitis C£61
NimenrixMeningitis A C W + Y£72
Prevenar 13Pneumococcal Meningitis£99
RevaxisDiphtheria + Tetanus + Polio£39
Rotavirus (Rotarix)Rotavirus (Diarrhoea)£88
Twinrix JuniorHepatitis A + B£80
Typhim VITyphoid£35
VaqtaHepatitis A£50
ViatimHepatitis A + Typhoid£88
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