Private GP Care

We don't suggest that a private GP is more qualified or provides better medical care than an NHS GP. But you may consider choosing a private GP because we offer...

  • Longer appointments during which we can fully assess you.
  • Flexible appointments including evenings and weekends often the same day.
  • The same GP at every appointment.
  • Referral to the best Consultant for your particular condition, subject to your Insurer's authorisation, and rapid test results.
  • A comfortable and discreet setting in one of London's premier private healthcare clinics.


We provide all of these and are proud to offer our GP service within a team of specialist doctors and lifestyle practitioners.


What do we do?

British healthcare has for decades celebrated the GP as the person you call first when you need medical help.

A general practitioner is a doctor trained to recognise a vast array of symptoms and health conditions in people of all ages and is able to diagnose and treat the majority of health issues. Your GP will consider you as a whole person and will take account of your mental and emotional health as well as your physical condition.

The GPs at The Medical Chambers Kensington place strong emphasis on promoting day-to-day health and preventative healthcare. We value nutrition, exercise and work-life balance and will support you in your tailored programme of self-care. We offer a combination of regular health screens and advice designed to help you stay on track.

Our GPs can treat the great majority of health problems. When we think that closer investigation or referral to a specialist is needed, we will refer you to a Consultant or Clinician with experience in your particular condition. Or, if you wish, to a Consultant of your choice.

We have an extensive team of Consultants and Specialists here at The Medical Chambers Kensington and many of our patients choose to see one or more of them. The choice is yours.

When will you be able to see your GP?

We of course know how busy life is. And we also know that many of our patients delay going to the doctor until absolutely necessary.

You can visit us for any condition except an emergency which requires instant treatment at a hospital. We see patients for an extraordinarily wide range of health issues including

  • General health checks for babies, children, teenagers and adults. Both women and men.
  • Ear nose and throat problems.
  • Gynaecology and general female health issues.
  • Infections.
  • Vaccinations and inoculations.
  • Mental health concerns including depression, forgetfulness, anxiety and stress.
  • Pain.
  • Stomach and digestive concerns.
  • Weight.