What our Specialists say about us

“The Medical Chambers Kensington is an exceptionally well run clinic with wonderful people and proactive management. The location is ideal and the facilities modern and pleasant. The clinic will always go above and beyond to satisfy the patients as well as the clinicians' needs.” Mr Pandelis Athanasias MBBS MRCOG Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist


"I have been working as a private Dermatologist in London since the late 1990s and The Medical Chambers Kensington is the nicest environment I have ever worked in. The staff are very welcoming and the building is very modern and light. Patients are very loyal to the Clinic and come to see many different Clinicians working there. 

I also receive a great deal of support to improve my practice in terms of new services, communication with my Patients, education and public relations." Dr Veronique Bataille MD PhD FRCP Consultant Dermatologist  


"The Medical Chambers Kensington makes both the Patient's and the Clinician's experience exquisite and professional. I truly feel that TMCK is the perfect match for the dedicated approach that I provide to my Patients.  High quality standards are evident in the smallest details. Thanks to all of your team, it is a pleasure for me to work here and with your help my Patients feel cared for in a truly friendly and professional way." Dr Nagore Benito MD MSc Consultant Psychiatrist  


"It is a pleasure to use the facilities at The Medical Chambers Kensington to see Patients with neurological problems. Several Patients have spontaneously mentioned to me how much more pleasant an environment you provide than other places where they have privately seen Consultants. This is important to me because most Patients are understandably very nervous about seeing a Neurologist and providing such a welcoming and comfortable environment goes a long way towards putting them at ease and allowing them to get the most out of their consultation. 

From the Clinician's point of view, it is a pleasure to spend time in clean, comfortable and well appointed rooms, whilst being looked after by friendly responsive and pro-active staff. Long may this all continue!" Dr Mark Weatherall MB BChir FRCP Edin Consultant Neurologist  


"I would like to express my complete satisfaction with working at The Medical Chambers Kensington. The building and the consulting rooms are gorgeous and modern.....the location is excellent.....and the staff wonderful and efficient. It's a real pleasure to come to work every day in such an exceptional place!" Dr Helene Nguyen MD (Paris) French GP  


"I would like to take this opportunity to state that your facilities have proven to be perfect for our service and a real credit to all who work so hard to make the experience for the Consultants and the Patients so efficient, friendly and "luxurious". Many thanks to all concerned." Dr David West MB ChB (Leeds) DMRD FRCR (London) Consultant Interventional Radiologist