Most of us take our skin for granted but, as our largest organ, it's an incredibly important part of our body. The 45 miles of nerves beneath it means that we can experience a range of sensations from heat and cold to scratches or even the lightest brush from a feather.

Our skin renews itself every few weeks and is essential to protecting us from infection and harmful sunrays. It's waterproof, it regulates our body temperature and it helps make vitamin D - essential for strong, healthy bones.

But, our skin is under constant attack. Exposure to the sun, pollutants, infections and the effects of ageing can damage and weaken it, so it's important that we look after it.


Looking after your skin  Looking after your skin is important, as is making sure you get the right advice and treatment when problems arise. Our age affects the condition of our skin and the challenges our skin faces in our 20s and 30s will be different to those in our 50s and 60s.

Other factors, including family history, hormones, exposure to the sun and infections can also affect the health and condition of our skin.


Don't ignore changes to your skin  If you're worried about a lump or bump, a mole or a rash don't ignore it. Many skin conditions are harmless and cause no long-term ill effects, but some can be more serious such as skin cancer or infections, so it's important to get advise as soon as you can.


We can help  Whether you have sun damaged skin, fungal infections or shingles, birthmarks or skin cancer. Or if your child has eczema or cold sores. Our Consultant Dermatologists at The Medical Chambers Kensington can help.

They're trained in analysing your skin, hair and nails, identifying potential problems and diagnosing conditions that range from minor to life threatening. And they can help you choose the right approach and treatment for your skin condition.

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