Private Gynaecology and Specialist care

Private Colposcopy

A colposcopy may be recommended if you have an abnormal smear test, or experience symptoms such as bleeding between your periods or after sex, a persistent vaginal discharge or pelvic pain

Sometimes, a colposcopy is suggested if your womb is tilted meaning that the cervix is not easily visible and so it’s less simple to take a cervical smear.

A colposcopy allows a specially trained Gynaecologist to see your cervix clearly, to assess the nature of any cervical abnormalities, and, if necessary, recommend the right treatment for you. It usually takes around 20 minutes, after which you can go about your day as normal.

Where treatment is needed, it can usually be carried out during your appointment.

Colposcopy follow-up

Your Consultant Gynaecologist will explain all the colposcopy results during your examination. If you have any tests done, such as a cervical smear, a biopsy or swab, the results will be sent to you within a few days or we will arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss the results. You can phone the clinic at any time if you have any questions or worries.

Private Colposcopy London

Our specialist Gynaecologists are accredited by the British Society of Colposcopy and Cervical Pathology (BSCCP).    

Your appointment includes a detailed consultation with your chosen Consultant, followed by the procedure which lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. In some cases your Gynaecologist may have to take a small sample to be sent to the laboratory for analysis (biopsy) and he/she will explain this to you. Your Gynaecologist will discuss all aspects of your colposcopy treatment choices with you.

The cost of our colposcopy packages can be found here.

To learn how Mr Pandelis Athanasias and Ms Tania Adib, our private colposcopy specialists, can help please telephone 020 7244 4200 for a confidential chat or make an appointment online.