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CQC Compliance Inspection Scores Us 100%...For The Third Year Running

I was out of the country last December, sorting out some very sad family matters. No less than two bereavements in my close family within a few weeks of each other. And both round the other side of the world.

So I wouldn't have been in a good frame of mind for our annual Care Quality Commission Compliance Inspection. But then I wasn't here. The phone call was taken by my Co-Director, Ivor French, who was told "This is your annual inspection and we'll be with you on Tuesday". Two days' notice. Ivor, Marlies Hintsteiner, our Clinic Manager, and Anne Zeller, my PA, were between them able to find everything needed and answer all the questions.

I was delighted to find on my return that we scored 100% for the third year running with no negatives and a lot of positives that the CQC Inspector heard as a result of interviewing four Doctors, three patients and two of our personnel.

I am very pleased because it is unusual for a regulatory report to contain such descriptive comments. The results are usually pass, improve or fail. Our report, which you can see on the CQC website by clicking here, includes:

"People....were very satisfied with their care and treatment....One person told us "They are helpful and friendly here and the Doctors always listen".
One person told us how much they valued the treatment, advice and support they received...they said "there's serious care going on here".
Another said "It is very good coming here; the facilities are always clean and the staff very nice. My children like it too".
We....saw 34 feedback forms....all the feedback we saw was positive and constructive. Everyone said that the Practice was very responsive to their needs.
We observed sensitive interactions between staff and children in the waiting area. Everyone said they were happy to see any Doctor at the Practice as they consistently received the same high standard of care."

I thank our Team and our Doctors because it's results like this that differentiate The Medical Chambers Kensington from the other Clinics. Great news to return to.