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What I Am Going To Do About My Other Half's Snoring...And My Sleep Deprivation

It's often the most mundane things in life which challenge us the most. Other Half's snoring is one of them. My own OH does. Has done for years. Has become a professional snorer, with a range, depth, and variety of sounds that never ceases to amaze me. I have recordings to prove it. Anyone who lives with a professional snorer will feel my pain.

The causes of snoring are well known: blocked nose, deviated septum, sleeping on your back, being overweight, alcohol . This doesn't mean that finding a solution is easy so, I have decided that the time has come to get help and have secretly been researching what OH's options might be:

  • a mandibular advancement device: this is a dental appliance, a sort of "mouth guard" for snorers, which stops your  lower jaw from "falling" backwards and keeps your airways open. Best fitted by a dentist. 0H is probably too vain to use something like this, even in the dark.
  • sticky tape: to keep your nostrils more open, magic sprays, standard non-customised ear plugs...none of which seem to work well.
  • weight loss: OH is not slim but neither is he seriously overweight. Very unlikely to happen as both OH and I enjoy good food too much.
  • no alcohol in the evening: this won't work..OH drinks very little alcohol.
  • gymnastics of the throat: like training to become an opera singer; might be something in it. But what are the chances of OH doing this religiously for MY benefit? None.
  • "Uvulopalatoplasty" a small operation on your soft palate and done these days by laser. It Is widely available and seems at first glance to be one of the best options. This looks like a good  solution. There might be hope for me!


Ms Romana Kuchai, Consultant ENT Surgeon, who practises at Charing Cross and St Mary's Hospitals London and here at The Medical Chambers Kensington. " is not as simple as that" is Romana's answer to my enthusiastic comments about laser uvulopalatoplasty.

Oh dear! Romana says "You really need a proper  ENT assessment. A simple nasal endoscopy allows us to eliminate blockages which cause obstruction. But we also take into consideration the patient's history, weight and BMI and sleepiness score to check whether they suffer from sleep apnoea. If they do have sleep apnoea, they usually need a sleep study done in a specialist clinic. So depending on findings you can opt for the best option for the patient which might not be surgery".

Having done my bit, I can now gently but firmly guide OH towards getting HIS problem sorted. He doesn't know it yet, but he is booked to have a full ENT assessment with Romana.