Get your hearing tested at our London clinic to monitor and ensure optimal hearing health

Private Hearing Test London

Do you find yourself constantly asking people to speak up in pubs or restaurants, or turning the TV up until it’s too loud for the rest of your family? If your hearing is beginning to concern you, it’s a good idea to have a hearing test - a straightforward process that’s as easy as having your vision tested.

What happens during a hearing test and consultation?

Our hearing tests are carried out by a highly skilled graduate Clinical Audiologists and include a detailed consultation. They will spend time discussing your symptoms, the situations that cause you the most hearing difficulty, and any other issues such as tinnitus and balance problems. 

For the test itself, we use the latest in diagnostic technology to measure your hearing sensitivity to various sounds, played through headphones. We will then provide you with a highly accurate and comprehensive evaluation of your hearing. 

Why have your hearing tested at our independent audiology clinic?

Unlike many High Street chains, our clinicians are leading experts in their field and have many years experience of carrying out diagnostic evaluations. We always offer in-depth consultations, and have a fully integrated team that includes world class Consultant Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, Paediatric Consultants and a leading Consultant Audiologist. 

If necessary, we can also carry out further specialist hearing tests and procedures at our state of the art audiology facilities, and are highly experienced in dealing with tinnitus, ear wax removal and children’s hearing problems related to glue ear and ear infections. 


What happens after your hearing test?

Many people who come for a hearing test find that their hearing is normal or they may have some ear wax build up. Our team are experts at safe and effective microsuction, the gold standard treatment for ear wax removal. 

If you are experiencing hearing loss, we provide a tailored hearing aid service that can significantly improve your hearing and overall wellbeing. Our audiologists will work with you through every stage of your journey, to find the best digital hearing aids for your needs and lifestyle.

Visiting our London clinic for a hearing test

Follow this link if you would like to make an appointment for a hearing test or call us on 020 7244 4200.

You can find a list of our up-to-date consultation fees here.