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How Do I Know If My Child Has a Hearing Problem?

29 Mar 2023

It’s often difficult to spot hearing loss in children, and it can sometimes be mistaken for stubborn or ‘naughty’ behaviour. Maybe you’ve been getting frustrated with your child for not responding when you call them, or noticed that they keep saying ‘what’ or ‘huh’ all the time. 

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7 Common STI symptoms

10 Feb 2023

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are extremely common – anyone with an STI can pass it to others by having vaginal, oral and anal sex, and through contact with skin, genitals, mouth, rectum and bodily fluids.

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5 Things You Should Know About Hearing Loss

24 Jan 2023

Do you find yourself constantly asking people to speak up in pubs or restaurants, or turning the TV up until it’s too loud for everyone else in the room? If your hearing is beginning to concern you, it is probably time to have a hearing test or to see a specialist.

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4 Unusual symptoms of long Covid you should know about

09 Dec 2022

It may feel like we’ve entered a different phase of Covid. Most of us no longer have to wear face masks when we’re out and about, and hopefully, lockdowns are a thing of the past.

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5 Useful Tips to Help Manage Your Child’s Asthma

21 Apr 2022

Childhood asthma is one of the most common lung conditions in the UK, and affects 1 million children a year. However, with the right treatment plan, it’s very possible and simple to control your child’s symptoms, so that they can do all the things they enjoy.

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Do You Love Swimming? 3 Top Tips to Protect Your Ears

30 Mar 2022

Do you have a passion for wild swimming? Or maybe you prefer the meditative effect of swimming lengths in a local pool? 

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How traffic pollution affects your health

04 Mar 2022

It’s a familiar sight if you live in a big city – cars, vans and lorries clogging up the streets and a grey haze of poisonous exhaust fumes.

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4 Top Tips to Beat Hayfever

22 Feb 2022

As we head towards spring, it’s a good idea to get prepared if you suffer from hayfever.

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How Should I Remove My Ear Wax? 5 Common Questions Answered

31 Jan 2022

Ear wax is normal, and most of the time it doesn’t cause us any problems. In fact, that sticky yellowish substance helps keep our ears healthy.  But occasionally it can build up and make our ears feel uncomfortable, or lead to hearing loss or pain. 

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Prostate Cancer: What You Need to Know

07 Jan 2022

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the UK and 1 in 8 will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime, with the number of deaths at an all time high.

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