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Babies Children and COVID. Consultant Paediatrician Dr Ed Abrahamson's Blog

29 Sep 2020

I have changed the format compared to March to August, to directly address the key questions that are now in everyone’s minds.

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Could our tanning obsession be driven by genes?

22 Sep 2020

Latest research by scientists suggests that our love of basking in the sun could be driven by genes.

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The 'Epipen' that stops migraines before they start

10 Aug 2020

Dr Mark Weatherall, Consultant Neurologist, talks to the Mail Online about an Epipen that could stop migraines before they start and could help reduce the number of patients having to visit hospitals.

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The Sunday Times reports "Private scan clinic missed three baby defects in a week"

21 Jul 2020

The Sunday Times reports "Private scan clinic missed three baby defects in a week".

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Skin rash should be considered fourth key symptom of Covid 19

21 Jul 2020

A new pre-print study led by King’s College London has found that characteristic skin rashes and ‘COVID fingers and toes’ can occur in the absence of any other symptoms and therefore should be considered as key diagnostic signs of the virus.

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Babies Children and COVID-19

07 Jul 2020

Dr Ed Abrahamson, Consultant Paediatrician, updates us on how Covid-19 affects babies and children. The good news is that the risk is very low.

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Why is teledermatology good for urgent advice about a mole, skin lesion or rash?

26 Feb 2020

The Medical Chambers Kensington is currently the only private clinic in London to offer Teledermatology. Teledermatology uses high quality medical images to diagnose dermatological conditions.

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How paediatricians help identify and treat childhood allergies

04 Dec 2019

Dr Sophie Flammarion works as part of the paediatric team at our clinic. Here she discusses check-ups, immunisations and one of her specialisms, managing and treating childhood allergies. 


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How a paediatrician can help your child

02 Dec 2019

“At the clinic, we work as a team. If I’m unavailable to see one of my patients, parents are able to book a consultation with a paediatrician who has a similar way of working to me, and who has full access to their child’s notes.” 

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Does too much sun exposure cause melanoma?

05 Nov 2019

Summer might be over, but when it comes to melanoma – a type of skin cancer where moles are the most obvious sign – recent studies have shown that exposure to sunlight is not the greatest risk factor.

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