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Varicose veins and me

05 Jan 2017

As a Director of The Medical Chambers Kensington I know several of the U.K.'s top Consultants who use the very latest medical techniques.

Fortunately for me, this includes Dr David West of the Veincentre.

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The Walking Man's Crumpet. Countryfile. Trekked More Than 3400 Miles. What Am I Talking about?

30 Jun 2016

Dr David West, Consultant Interventional Radiologist who treats varicose veins at The Medical Chambers Kensington, has been busy treating "the walking man's crumpet"

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From Milan to Monaco

29 Jun 2016

Dr David West, Consultant Interventional Radiologist, who treats varicose veins at The Medical Chambers Kensington, tells me that he is training hard.

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GPs and recognising skin lesions

22 Jun 2016

Dr Veronique Bataille, Consultant Dermatologist who practices at The Medical Chambers Kensington, told me recently that GPs unfortunately get very little training in dermatology and so can't be expected to be confident about d

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A Victim of the Great Vein Robbery

18 Nov 2015

When I first set up The Medical Chambers Kensington all those years ago I said that it would be different.

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Migraine Awareness Week

08 Sep 2015

Dr Mark Weatherall, Consultant Neurologist at The Medical Chambers Kensington specialising in treating migraines and headaches, reminds me that it's Migraine Awareness Week.

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Body conscious middle-aged men in lycra...

28 Aug 2015

"Rising numbers of body conscious middle-aged men in lycra are having varicose vein surgery to avoid getting 'grandpa legs'" says Dr David West in the Mail Online.

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Introduction to MaterniT Genome

28 Aug 2015

I'm delighted to announce the introduction of the Maternit GENOME™ non-invasive prenatal test from Sequenom Laboratories of San Diego California to the UK.

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Headaches? Migraines? You're not alone....

22 Jul 2015

Headaches? Migraines? You're not alone. Doctor Mark Weatherall, Consultant Neurologist specialising in treating headaches and migraines, sometimes suffers too.

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Feeling blue in pregnancy and after birth

11 Jun 2015

Pregnancy and birth are traditionally a cause for celebration, but the journey through these significant life transitions can be difficult and for some women low feelings or depression can set in.

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